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Computer Room Raised Floor Loading Capacity: Ultimate Concentrated Load, Uniform Load, Uniform Load

2020/12/27 21:40:05

Loading refers to the weight carried by building components in a construction project. Generally divided into three types: ultimate concentrated load, uniformly distributed load, and rolling load. These load specifications are often mentioned in the anti-static raised floor product report for the computer rooms and data centers to illustrate the mechanical performance of the floor, but many clients are not clear about these concepts. In today's article, ACCESSFLOORSTORE.COM analyzes the common load performance of raised floors in the data center & computer room for you.

Raised Access Floor Ultimate Concentrated Load

In the computer room or data center, a pedestal-mounted raised floor is used. The four sides of the floor are installed and fixed on the support stringers. By adjusting the height of the support, the computer room raised floor system in the same area is kept on the same level, and make sure the surface of the raised floor panel and the four supports are evenly stressed. Place the pressure sensor and the rubber pad in the center of the raised floor panel. The diameter of the pressure sensor and the rubber pad is 50mm. Increase the pressure until the floor breaks. The load at this time is the ultimate concentrated load of the floor. And the significance of this test is to indicate the limit use-value of the floor, that is, under this load condition, the floor will be permanently damaged, so the weight of the equipment must not exceed this value.

Raised Access Floor Uniform Load

It refers to the force (load) evenly distributed on the floor structure. Under the action of the uniform load, the weight of the load on each point of the anti-static raised floor is equal. This parameter indicates the weight that the floor can bear when the equipment is in contact with the floor surface. So its unit is N/m2. It calculates the weight of the equipment that can be carried when the floor is in contact with the equipment.

Raised Access Floor Rolling Load

Although the rolling load is not commonly used on the raised floor of the computer room now, this parameter is very important. In many cases, the test data of the floor itself shows that it can withstand certain equipment. Why is it damaged? The reason is that the rolling load is not considered. Rolling load refers to an important parameter indicating that the floor can bear the weight of mobile equipment. This load is generally much smaller than other load weights.

Therefore, the ultimate concentrated load is a test quantity with strict measurement specifications and scientific observation values, and it is the value that best reflects the quality of the raised access floor in the mechanical performance of the computer room floor. The uniform load is used to estimate the weight of the equipment that can be placed on the floor and is a practical value. Although the rolling load is not commonly used now, it is still one of the specifications that cannot be ignored in the inspection of product quality.

When buying a raised access floor, you should buy the floor that can meet the required load according to your own needs. You can consult before buying to avoid unnecessary trouble. If you have more questions about the carrying capacity of raised floors, please contact us and our team of experts will provide you with more detailed information.