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What Are The Difference & Similarities Between SPC and WPC Flooring?

2020/12/28 23:18:15

Among the various trends related to home design, rigid flooring is the most chosen. An elegant and relatively cheap option is precisely this, which creates in every single room a different look than usual and an all new and personalized look. There are two types of rigid flooring: SPC floors and WPC floors. Let's find out what unites them, their advantages and disadvantages in the installation and why choose between the two. 

SPC and WPC Flooring’s Similarities In Structure 

The SPC and WPC floors are very similar vinyl floors except for the component related to the core layer that composes them. For SPC floors the core consists of natural limestone powder, polyvinyl chloride and stabilizers. For WPC floors the core is made of recycled wood pulp and plastic components.

They both have a waterproof base and above all the same composition of layers. Let's start from the first layer to get to the last:

  • Wear layer: thin and transparent

  • Vinyl layer: printed with flooring and color model

  • Base layer: it is the layer that makes the floor waterproof

  • Basic level: it is basically the support plan

SPC Flooring.jpg

WPC Floor Structure.png

Main Differences Between SPC & WPC Floors

In addition to the material used to create both types of floors, the main differences between the two are:

  • Thickness: for WPC floors it is 5.5-8 mm, for SPC floors it ranges from 3.2 to 7 millimeters

  • To the touch: the WPC floor has a slight advantage in this field because it is thicker and the feeling of stability is more accentuated when walking on it. The thickness in this case also helps to provide greater thermal insulation

  • Sound insulation: the thicker thickness makes the WPC floor more suitable for those who love silence but we can also say that the SPC floor has a strong resistance to sound absorption so much that you can choose it instead of a WPC

  • Durability: SPC floors, despite being less thick than WPC floors, are certainly more durable in terms of damage and heavy loads

  • Stability: both can be installed in any environment with both high humidity levels and high temperatures, but SPC flooring tends to offer significantly higher performance

  • Price: SPC floors are cheaper than a WPC floor

Same Advantages of SPC and WPC Flooring

Among the analogies, however, we find SPC and WPC floor shares the same advantages as below:

  • Waterproofness: Both SPC and WPC floors have a completely waterproof core. This avoids deformation when exposed to moisture

  • Durability: they are both very resistant to scratches and stains and are suitable because they do not wear out easily even in those busiest areas of the house

  • Style: Both SPC and WPC contain a wide range of choice options. Color, patterns, print drawings, all on vinyl. They are floors that make tiles, stone and wood realistic

  • Easy installation: it is possible to lay even without the help of a professional. They can be installed on top of a pre-existing subfloor or floor

Among the different disadvantages and the numerous and similar advantages, the choice of an SPC or WPC floor is the right and certain one. Choosing between the two is a safe and malleable convenience!