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Trendy Wood Flooring for 2021

2021/6/6 0:18:33

We’re crazy for that wood-look floor but the only ones we see are the ones shown to us. That is why it is crucial to know the different types, styles, and the trendiest.

Wooden floors have been a favorite for many over the years. However, the upkeep of wooden flooring is expensive. It is vulnerable to several external factors like moisture, high humidity, and other influences. What’s more, is that solid hardwood flooring means more tree-cutting!

That is why, for an environment and pocket-friendly consideration, manufacturers started using different materials like plywood and fiberboard, etc. This helped in making floors stronger, and durable with lesser use of wood. So, whichever plank you walk, it’s bound to have a style like its type, color, texture, and finish.

Want to see what’s out there in terms of planks, tiles, and what not? 

Trendy wood flooring for 2021

In this post, you’re going to discover the versatility of wood flooring.

1. Wood Flooring Types

  • Cork Flooring – Resembling the look of a corkboard, this wood-type flooring promises durability with a soft look.

  • Engineered Wood – Engineered wood is technically wood with an extra thin hardwood veneer layer on top of plywood or fiberboard. These are durable planks and perfect for any flooring.

  • American Grown – This means wood that is grown and manufactured in the USA. As this type of wood is trending and people prefer it on their home floors.

  • Reclaimed Wood – Reclaimed wood is an eco-friendly option. This type of wood is taken from old building materials and re-used. 

2. Flooring Species 

  • European White Oak – European white oak flooring has tighter grains. These are stylishly presentable but with a greyish undertone, unlike white oak.

  • White Oak Wood – White oak flooring has cleaner grains. It is stylishly presentable and also within budget.

3. Flooring Color 

  • Greige Wood – Ever wondered how gray and beige look together? Get greige flooring planks and you will know. Greige is simply grey and beige blended. Use this bold-colored-looking wood floor for your home.

  • Whitewashed Wood – This color of the wood is very trendy, originating from the west coast of America. Its whitewashed look is contemporary and pleasing to the eyes.

  • Colored Wood – These floors appear honey or copper-colored. Its tone, therefore, is slightly darker but makes your room look large. It emanates a sense of warmth around the room.

  • Gray Wood – The color gray may seem dull but with complementing colors and the right décor, its appeal is attractive.

  • Blonde Wood – Blonde wood floors are lighter and brighter in shades giving the homeowners a feel of freshness.

4. Flooring Texture 

  • Distressed Wood Floors – Many people love the look of distressed wood as it adds depth to the room. These are manufactured in factories with specialized machines, or real aged lumbar is used.

  • Hand-scraped Wood Floors – A hand-scraped wood-look is given to these floorings. This textured look is preferred in many homes.

  • Wire-brushed Wood Floors – A wire-brushed design is spread across your floors, wooden-style. These perfectly complement light-shade home décor. 

5. Floor Finishing 

  • Satin – These are not super shiny but they are shiny enough (40% lustrous). The satin finish stands between glossy and matte. Its look is muted and this helps hide the dirt and imperfections if any.

  • Fumed or Smoked – The fumed or smoked wood is exposed to ammonia gas. The reaction caused by ammonia with the natural tannins in wood creates a darker finish. These wood planks come in gray undertones.

  • Oiled – An oil finish gives the wood a matte and flat look. Also, when oil is used for the finishing process, it penetrates the wood. This coats every layer, making the wood flooring stronger and durable.

  • Matte – When bought in high quality, the matte-finished wood will make your room look modern and attractive. Low-quality will add to dullness if that’s what you like.

  • Site Finish – This is not a type of wood but rather an interesting process where you are you control the finishing. You see how the wood is treated and get to decide its look.

6. Floor Layout and Pattern Trends

  • Herringbone and chevron – These are angular mosaic patterns. The herringbone pattern connects two planks at 90 degrees. The chevron pattern brings two planks together.

  • Wide Plank – Do you want your room to look large, spacious, and less busy? Wide planks are the way to go. They are fast-picking among the masses as opposed to shorter and thinner planks.

So, these were mostly all the different types and styles of wood floorings that you can grace at home in 2021. Who knows what could be trending tomorrow! The important thing is that you should love whatever you select. And, whatever you select should be based on the requirements of your home floors. Your preference counts more than any trend. Need advice from our professional flooring experts, get in touch and we will help you select the best wood floor your home needs.