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The Versatility of Commercial Vinyl Tiles

2021/6/4 19:27:16

For all the tile lovers out there, we are here to discover the different types of vinyl tiles available. Vinyl tiles are differentiated based on their features specific to flooring requirements. If you are looking for tiles that resemble wood or stone then look toward vinyl tiles. They’re not as limited as vinyl planks. So, how many types of vinyl tiles are out there? Let’s find out, shall we?

Types of Vinyl Tile Flooring

1. Flexible Vinyl Tile

This vinyl tile is flexible because it does not have a rigid construction like PVC vinyl. Flexible vinyl tiles are meant for decorative purposes often presented with different patterns and colors.

2. Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Luxury vinyl tiles come with a rigid construction with high durability. The qualities these tiles include are thick, durable, multiple-layered, 3D-printed, and a textured surface. Its high stability means that these tiles can withstand high foot traffic including kids and pets.

3. Waterproof Vinyl Tiles

These are 100% waterproof tiles essentially installed in bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. Typically, these tiles are installed in places that are exposed to high amounts of water. However, they can be used in other parts of the house too. Waterproof vinyl tiles are the most preferred to flexible or luxury vinyl tiles.

The unique styles of Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles come in three different styles. Let's see which of them could be your favorite.

1. Wood-Look Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles that look like wood would be a rare combination but it exists and is in popular demand. A wood-look vinyl tile may resemble wood but it is not real hardwood. These tiles come in gray shades, maybe textured, and in dark or light wood color, and other colors or shapes that can be customized. Real hardwood is expensive and requires high maintenance. Also, let’s keep the real wood back where the trees belong and conserve its depleting resource.

2. Stone-Look Vinyl Tiles

Those who love a stone look can get them from vinyl tiles too. They come in varied colors ranging from dark gray slate to light beige travertine. Many people love a good stone or marble look on their kitchen or bathroom floors. Well, stone-look vinyl tiles would be your best choice.

3. Decorative Vinyl Tiles

Do you like visiting the beach often? Do you want to travel in space or somewhere closer; maybe a beautiful hill station? Where do you want to be right now or always? No need to walk all the way when your floor can take you there. From a variety of colors to shapes and patterns, decorative vinyl tiles can give you what you want. Decorative tiles are a creative and transformative way of bringing your imagination to life. These tiles especially work well in a kid’s room. You can have these tiles adorn your room too.

Installing Vinyl Tile Flooring

Commercial vinyl tiles can be installed in five different ways. However, how they are installed depends on their type.

1. Interlocking

Flexible vinyl tiles welcome the interlocking system of installation. Here, the tiles are simply clicked together or fixed through the tongue and groove style.

2. Peel & Stick

Again flexible vinyl tiles are installed through the peel and stick method. Peel the plastic cover off the back of the tile. This exposes the adhesive which then allows you to press the peel & stick vinyl tile onto the subfloor. Installation complete!

3. Glue Down

The glue down method requires a pressure-sensitive adhesive where the vinyl tiles are present in a rolled format. You have to roll the tile sheet across the room and let the glue hold it down. Then pass a roller from the center to the corners of the room. This helps remove out air bubbles formed if any.

4. Loose Lay

If you want to use glue or adhesives to lay your tiles then this one is for you. The backing of loose lay tiles effectively grips the floor. So, you can loosely lay the tiles on top of the subfloor. You would ask if there are chances of these tiles shifting from their place. Yes, this can happen if you install these tiles in a room with high foot traffic. Therefore, the installation of loose lay tiles is solely meant for areas with low foot traffic. If in case, the area’s foot traffic has gradually increased and continues that way then use double-sided carpet tape. Apply it around the perimeter of the room to keep the tiles from shifting.

5. Groutable

Groutable tiles are the way to go if you want a stone look without the stone. These tiles come with the added feature of adding grout after installation. The groutable tiles are installed using the double-sided carpet tape or the glue down method. After this, the grout can be added, making the tiles look like actual stone.

Well there you have it; commercial vinyl flooring and its versatility. We hope this information proves useful when you shop for commercial vinyl tiles.