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Choose Commercial Carpets: Requirements & Types of Carpet Tiles For Premises, Schools And Public Places

2022/6/20 19:03:12

Not only homes and houses have carpets: premises and public places of all kinds also need them. And as they are different places, with different and diverse needs with respect to the domestic world, carpets for offices, schools, and public places must meet special requirements.

Because in this life each activity has its own needs and an exclusive prop. For example, you could technically go to ballet class in a miner's suit and helmet, and to the mine with tights and a tutu. But we don't recommend it at all (especially the latter). That's why carpets in public places have their own list of necessities.

Choosing commercial carpets for public use following the criteria we use for home is to buy a lot of lottery tickets so that something goes wrong. We would probably end up with a carpet out of place.

Requirements of a Carpet for Public Use

Recapitulating: requirements of a carpet for public use

In short, we have that a carpet for a public place should gather if not all, most of the following features:

  • Be very resistant

  • Have a smooth surface

  • Be very fine, to avoid tripping

  • That it stays stuck to the ground

  • That it is cleaned very easily, with the same means with which the floor is cleaned.

  • That offers elegance but also texture and color, if necessary.

  • And we will have our perfect carpet for premises and public places.

Intensive Use and Tread Resistance

This brings us to the first characteristic of rugs for public use: most of the time they are going to be subjected to intensive use and high foot traffic intensity. The result is that a carpet in a local, school, office or consultation room is going to end up more trampled and bruised than a rugby player after 20 scrums (and almost as dirty).

Therefore, we must choose the carpet for the school, the office or the consultation with that in mind, and in the same way that we do not paint the wall with makeup brushes, we will not choose a delicate carpet for a public place, for as pretty as it is. Logically, not all rugs withstand intensive use.

In general, manufacturers indicate this characteristic in the technical data sheet of catalogs and sample books with a series of icons that are not very well known but not unimportant, in accordance with standards established by the FCSS (Floor Covering Standard Symbols). ground covers).

By consulting this data with the seller or manufacturer we can establish the type of use we need. The classification of carpets by this parameter is established in three levels: domestic use, commercial use, and industrial use, each with several sublevels of resistance.

When we talk about carpets for public use in schools, offices, premises, spas, beauty centers and the like, we must look for carpets suitable for commercial use, ranging from level 31 (moderate commercial use) to 34 (very intense commercial use), with its intermediate steps.

Other requirements for carpets in public places

These FCSS standards also regulate other characteristics that are of interest when choosing a carpet for premises or offices. Such as fire resistance, noise level, wheelchair resistance and others. This type of information does not appear on the body of the carpet (do not look for it there), but you have to ask the seller or manufacturer.

Commercial Carpet Types for Public Use

Public places that need carpets are almost endless. For example, we might need:

Carpets for schools

Carpets for offices

Carpets for cĺinicas

Carpets for consultations

Office rugs

Carpets for beauty centers

Spa rugs

Carpets for gyms

First of all, we have to know that carpets for public places will have a certain fate and the truth, a little cruel: they will suffer. Sometimes more and sometimes less, but they will have their daily ration of abuse assured (but do not suffer for them: their motto is "it's hard work, but someone has to do it").

Polypropylene Carpet For Almost All Public Areas

  • They are smooth

  • They are very thin (3 mm)

  • They are completely glued to the ground (and therefore, avoid trips)

  • They are indicated for intensive commercial use

  • They are wheelchair resistant

  • They are cleaned by passing the mop

  • They have the non-slip base

  • Withstand UVA rays and are waterproof

If we take into account the above requirements as a basis for choosing a carpet for public use in offices, schools, spas, consultations, and others, carpets for these uses must be synthetic, such as vinyl and polypropylene carpets, which stand out with their own light.

Braided vinyl carpets with heat-sealed rubber bases have several characteristics that you have preferred for this type of use:

Used with neutral textures and colors, they bring seriousness, elegance and readiness to a place, office or office. But combining warm or even strong colors we can get very striking vinyl carpets, which add color to the decoration of the place, beyond the practical aspect.

Nylon Carpets for Almost All Public Places

Nylon carpets are perfect for almost all types of public places, but there are those who prefer other types of rugs that give a little more play in terms of texture and color.

Like polypropylene carpet tiles, which are synthetic carpet tiles that are super resistant to abrasion and intensive use, and therefore perfect for public use.

It is possible to achieve very varied textures with braids and knots that are reminiscent of natural sisal-type rugs. The difference is that being just as beautiful, they are infinitely more resistant and easier to maintain. They also have a color palette that ranges from natural tones in varying degrees to gray or neutral types of denim. They are carpets that looks very warm and welcoming in offices and offices, for example, and that will bring extra warmth to the waiting room or consultation area.

Custom Carpets for School, Office

The bad thing about looking for a carpet for a local, school, or office is that the standard sizes of carpets are designed for domestic measurements. In public places the measures we need are usually greater, and also the classic formats ratio 4: 3 or similar often do not work.

Custom carpets are the solution, and fortunately, there is a great supply in the market of that type of carpets, with textures, materials, and colors enough to have the perfect carpet for our premises.

Colorful and Natural Carpets for Kindergarten, Care Center

Not all public places need synthetic carpets with high abrasion resistance. Sometimes, as with  Kindergartens, Care Centers, and Playgrounds, there are certain spaces in playgrounds and specific classrooms where a colorful and natural carpet is needed for children to play.

Bamboo rugs, while not offering the high resistance to intensive use of other types of rugs, offer a place where children can play on natural, color-filled rugs. In addition, they are cheap to replace when their life cycle has been completed. There are other types of carpets, such as synthetic short hair, eva rubber, or even washable cotton carpets, which are also very useful for schools.