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The Difference Between Huiya Computer Room Anti-static Floor And Ceramic Floor & Material Specification

2019/6/5 10:59:18

For the sake of the safety of the equipment in the computer room, there will be static electricity in the computer room or other units. Anti-static raised floor is now an indispensable floor. The anti-static floor installed in the computer room is not only for anti-static, but also for the convenience of connecting the cables of the computer room under the floor. There are more and more types of computer room floor for you to choose, many of you may don’t know which to buy, here Changzhou Huiya Decoration Materials Co., Ltd will detail you which are the most popular access floor designs.

Huiya Computer Room Anti-static Floor.png

Anti-static Ceramic Floor

Customers who have used all-steel anti-static floor before know something about the flooring, the most important thing in choosing the floor is the covering. People who don’t know much about the anti-static flooring may choose the PVC flooring, but after installation and use, you will know the reason. Huiya computer room here will share the customers’ personal experience. Many users installed the budget PVC anti-static raised floor for the cost of the company at the beginning. Over time, the anti-static raised floor covering PVC will be worn out, then you have to change the floor. Huiya computer room ceramic anti-static raised floor is the required floor for computer room, although the ceramic anti-static floor design will be more expensive than other anti-static raised floor systems, it has many advantages. Ceramic floor tile is very easy to clean, the ceramic anti-static floor will take longer in the computer room, Huiya computer room ceramic covering anti-static floor is particularly wear-resisting. 

All-steel Anti-static Raised Floor 

The all-steel anti-static raised floor for computer room is made of high-quality alloy cold-rolled steel plate, which is formed by spot welding after stretching. The appearance of the steel plate is electrostatic spraying after phosphorization. Its inner cavity is filled with foamed cement, the floor covering is the last step in the production process. The anti-static raised floor covering commonly used in computer room is HPL(melamine), PVC, ceramic tile and conductive edges around it.

What Are The Specifications And Materials Of Huiya Computer Room Anti-static Raised Floor

1. Anti-static floor specifications: HDG600*600*35mm or HDG600*600*30mm.

2.The requirements of steel plate: The floor is mainly made of all-steel components. The lower steel plate is made of deep-drawing steel, the rear degree of the steel plate is 0.7mm. The upper steel plate is made of hard steel plate with thickness of more than 0.6mm. The upper and lower steel are stamped, and the middle is filled with foamed cement, the lable of cement is 125. To ensure the bearing capacity of and high mechanical strength of the floor, so as to ensure that the center of the anti-static floor is not deformed. The uniform load of the access floor is more than 1250kg/m2, and the anti-static floor covering made in accordance with the regulations is smooth and durable. 

3. Access floor accessories are also brackets and beams: brackets and beams are also required to bear 2000kg/m2. Huiya computer room bracket and cross beam of are made of thickened steel plate. The thickness of the bracket steel plate will reach 3.0mm, where the lower bracket is 2.0mm. The cross beam is usually made of 1.0mm thick square pipe. The surface of the accessories is made by galvanizing.

4. The anti-static raised flooring contains ≥ 1.0mm PVC material: Thickness ≥ 2.0mm or HPL; Thickness ≥ 1.0mm. Such access floor covering is guaranteed not to crack.

5. The production standard of Huiya anti-static access flooring for computer room must be the national standard. Material type: HDG.600.36.QD. Anti-static system resistance values should be as follows: 1 times 10 of the 6th power to 1 times 10 of the 9th power ohm. The requirements of load-bearing capacity are 300 kg of concentrated load and 1250 kg/m2 of uniform load.

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