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Raised Access Floor Pedestal Price|ACCESS FLOOR CHINA

2019/8/13 21:08:27

      Raised access floor pedestal price

  For the support of the raised floor, many consumers will be curious about how much is the access floor pedestal? The pedestal is important accessories for the raised floor. In some countries, the accessories are sold expensive. For Example, A pedestal sometimes sells for $20 each in the United States. Is the pedestal so expensive?

access floor systems pedestal price.jpg

  Now we will analyze the price of the raised floor china

  1: Unique Access floor Pedestal design

  Due to some brands use their own raised floor pedestal design, this pedestal accessories are sold price higher, and they have applied a patent for their access floor products, if consumers need to buy pedestal accessories for their products, you can only buy from them, the pedestal price is higher.

  2: Different access floor pedestal finish height

  The height of the pedestal causes the cost different. pedestal charges more cost as the height of the finished surface. For example, the pedestals with a surface of 30 cm and the pedestals with a surface of 60 cm are different costs.

  3: The difference in the size of the raised floor bracket

  The thickness of the raised floor pedestal varies, and the pipe diameter is divided into 25 pipe diameters, 32 pipe diameters, 38 pipe diameters, and 45 pipe diameters. The size of the bracket is different, the price will be different.

  Since the price difference between the raised floor pedestal is so obvious, what is the difference between the price of the raised floor stand in China and the price of the raised floor stand in the United States? If we are from the same quality perspective and do not consider local patent protection, China's brackets can be one-third cheaper than American brackets.

  The above is the introduction of the price of the raised floor pedestal for ACCESSFLOORSTORE. We welcome everyone to consult access floor business with us.

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