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Anti-static Access Floor Selection Guide/Tips | How To Choose The Right & Best Anti-static Raised Floor System?

2019/8/13 18:34:48

Choosing and buying the right access floor system for your build & room can be a complex task. In addition to the selection of materials and designs, specific performance requirements may need to be considered, especially when the area is used for highly sensitive operations such as computer room or electronics assembly and clean rooms for large scale integrated circuits. There are a lot of anti-static raised floor tiles on the market, and the types of styles are various and dazzling. So what are the types of anti-static raised floors? How should we choose? 

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Anti-static Raised Access Floor Selection Guide & Tips

If you need an anti-static access floor, you also need to know the type of ESD raised access floor you need depends on several factors: benefits, application types, materials, weight & load capabilities and other performances when choosing an anti-static floor provider.

What is Anti-static Raised Floor?

Anti-static raised floor refers to the anti-static floor which is connected with pedestals and stringers and is overhead. In many decorative processes, it is also called anti-static access floor, also known as fabricated flooring with antistatic covering.

Anti-static raised flooring helps to capture static electricity that naturally accumulates in any environment and moves it through the floor to the ground. By grounding the charge, the anti-static floor prevents ESD from building up and escaping into the environment, where it can be destructive or harmful to the commodity and humanity.

The overhead space formed between the anti-static raised floor panel and the base ground or floor, can not only meet the needs of laying criss-crossing cables and various pipelines, but also designing vents at appropriate locations on the raised floor to meet the static Air conditioning requirements such as air flow.

Standard Design and Production Requirements of Anti-static raised floor

1. The fireproof rating of the anti-static raised floor should comply with the requirements of the Fire Protection of Interior Decoration Design of Buildings. 

2. The height of the anti-static raised floor should be determined according to the requirements of use.

(1) For wiring only: The basic size is 250mm.

(2) For the supply line and air conditioning wind storage: the basic size is 500mm. The detachable panels of the floor can be interchanged and have high production precision to ensure the sealing space required for the floor space to be used as an air conditioning plenum.

3. The surface of the anti-static floor panel should be soft, not slippery, wear-resistant, pollution-resistant.

What Areas Need Anti-static Access Floor?

In most cases, electrostatic discharge (ESD) is harmless, even if it is slightly injured when it occurs. However, in some environments, static discharge can be very dangerous and can even be catastrophic. In these cases, installing an anti-static floor is a critical step in creating a safe environment for workers and visitors.

Anti-Static Access Floor Applications

  • Computer Industry:

    Anti-static raised floor is mainly used in computer room, data processing center, laboratory, microwave communication station room, program-controlled telephone exchange room, mobile communication room, satellite ground station room, radio control room, TV transmitter control room, broadcast control room, monitoring Machine room, central control room, etc.

  • Microelectronics Industry:

    Anti-static products have a wide range of applications in the microelectronics industry. They are used in the assembly of electronic components, semiconductors, electronic products and large-scale, ultra-large-scale integrated circuits, to avoid the static movement of the human body in the workshop. Control electrostatic discharge to computer communication, various types of electronic equipment and damage to static sensitive devices, to prevent damage inside computer memory and electronic equipment.

  • Other Applications:

    Used for static-sensitive munitions, inflammable and explosive places and petrochemical workshops and hospital operating rooms, anesthesia rooms, oxygen bar rooms and other places with anti-static requirements.

Anti-static Raised Access Floor Types

Anti-static raised floors are generally divided according to the substrate and the overlay material. The substrate has a steel base, an aluminum base, a composite base, a particle board base (wood base), a calcium sulfate base, and the like. The veneer material is anti-static tile, melamine (HPL), PVC, etc. There are also anti-static plastic flooring, OA network flooring and so on. The following is a brief introduction to several types of flooring commonly used in the market.

1. All Steel Anti-static Raised Floor

It is made of high wear-resistant melamine HPL fireproof panel or PVC as the surface layer (the climate is dry, it is not easy to use HPL fireproof board veneer), steel shell structure substrate, and there is no edge and edge according to the presence or absence of black rubber strip. Minute. The advantage of the all-steel floor is that it is convenient to construct, there is no gap problem after installation, and the replacement is convenient. The disadvantage is that the surface layer material is not wear-resistant, the life is short, and it is easy to pick up the warp angle, and it will be replaced in a few years.

All-Steel Anti Static Raised Floor - Huiya Access Floor System.jpg

2. Aluminum Alloy Anti-static Raised Floor

The product adopts high-quality cast aluminum profile, and is stretch-formed. The surface layer is made of high wear-resistant PVC or HPL veneer, and the conductive adhesive is adhered. It has the effect of permanently using the substrate without rust, thus effectively solving the composite floor. And all steel floor product defects, and tailor-made high-end anti-static floor cost is too high.

Aluminum Alloy Anti-static Raised Floor - Huiya Access Floor System.jpg

3. Ceramic Anti-static Raised Floor

The anti-static ceramic tile is used as the surface layer, the composite all-steel floor or the cement particle board, and the surrounding conductive strips are edge-sealed (the ceramic floor without the strip is easy to drop the porcelain when it is bumped). It has the advantages of stable anti-static performance, environmental protection, fire prevention, high wear resistance, high service life (more than 30 years of service life), high load capacity (average load of 1200kg/m2 or more), waterproof, moisture-proof, good decorative effect, etc. Class room. The disadvantage is that the floor itself is heavier (15kg or more on a floor), which has a certain impact on the load on the floor; in addition, professional installation workers are required to install it, otherwise it will be installed unevenly.

Ceramic Anti-static Raised Floor - Huiya Access Floor System.jpg

How To Choose The Best Anti-static Access Floor? 

Anti-static Access Floor selection method:

  • 1. It is first necessary to accurately calculate the total area (or number of panels) of antistatic flooring required for the computer room and the number of various accessories, and leave a margin to avoid waste or lack.

  • 2. In-depth understanding of the type and quality of antistatic flooring produced by the manufacturer, as well as various performance and functional indicators. The performance of antistatic flooring primarily refers to its mechanical and electrical functions. Mechanical properties mainly consider its bearing capacity and wear resistance.

  • 3. The load of the antistatic floor should be determined based on the weight of the heaviest equipment in all equipment in the equipment room. This can prevent some equipment from being overweight and causing permanent deformation or damage of the floor.

  • 4. Anti-static floors should be minimally affected by changes in external environmental conditions, that is, it will not be significantly elastic due to the excessively high or low ambient temperature. When the temperature in the computer room is slightly higher, the anti-static floor expands and cannot be removed. And replacement, when the temperature is low, the antistatic floor is shortened and looseness occurs. The amount of anti-static floor affected by the environment should be less than 0.5mm, and the amount of plate surface should be less than 0.25mm.

How To Choose The Best Anti-static Access Floor Supplier?

When you are will to buy Access Floor, the best reliable supplier you want to meet. There are too many choices around the global market, in order to send your inquiry to the right one, you should take below factors into consideration!

  • Professional & Reliable Experiences - No matter which antistatic floor solution you choose, professional production and installation knowledge will have a major impact on the success and longevity of your flooring. It is important to choose a supplier or contractor based on experience and reliability. Raised Flooring System supplier like, with almost 15 years experiences in the field, have become one of the Top Access Floor Manufacturer in China!

  • Good Materials & Accessories - The quality of the raised floor is determined by the various properties and service life of the raised floor. Therefore, when selecting a good raised floor supplier, you should know whether the materials used in the floor are qualified. And the other raised floor system accessories needed to build a complete flooring system are solid and reliable.

  • Reasonable & Profitable Cost - Buying what you are satisfied with the least amount of budget is what every buyer expects. Well-known brands can of course give high quality guarantees but prices must be expensive. We always believe that there are suppliers in the market that can get the best quality of the raised floor but also help you save your budget. HuiYa floor is the choice you can't miss.

  • Excellent Pre & After Sale Service - A professional raised floor manufacturer is able to provide completed pre-sales and after-sales services, including one-stop service for reasonable quotation, product design, production planning, production tracking report, instant delivery, installation and maintenance., as the B2B site of HuiYa - China Top Raised Access Floor Supplier, offer you best service for buying Anti-static access floor here. Go to send your inquiry of Raised Floor to us, we will give back you with the best cost-effective Access Floor Solutions!

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