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How to install carpet on commercial raised access floor

2019/8/18 23:41:28

 How to install carpet on commercial raised access floor:

  The commercial building needs to be installed carpet on raised access floor. How to paste carpet on the raised floor?

  The materials required for installing carpet: 1: 5MM thickness carpet 2: PVC floor glue 3: Brush 4: heavy Roller

  A: The installation of the raised floor is the first step. For the installation of the raised access floor, please refer to the access floor installation steps.

raised floor installation.jpg

  B: When the raised access floor is installed, the carpet installer can start process. Firstly, the staff needs to bring the gloves and knee protectors, then the floor glue is applied to the raised floor, and the floor glue is painted with a brush on the raised floor surface.

access floor glue.jpg

  C: After the floor glue is slightly dry, the carpet is laid on the raised floor. It is necessary to pay attention about pasting carpet. we do not recommend that the carpet be aligned along the edge of the raised access floor. Instead, it is recommended that the carpet paving and the raised floor be staggered. This will ensure that the carpet can be glued to the raised floor at every location.

access floor carpet install.jpg

access floor carpet install 2.jpg

  D: When the carpet is finished, it needs to be rolled with a heavy roller. This has the advantage that the raised access floor and the carpet can be bonded more closely.

access floor carpet install 4.jpg

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