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Computer Room Raised Floor Cleaning & Maintenance | How To Effectively Clean Dust and Stain on Computer Room Access Floor?

2019/9/10 23:25:13

For the sensitive equipment in the computer room and data center, all kinds of pollution sources are indeed a non-negligible existence. This potential hazard not only causes damage to the equipment, it can also have some catastrophic consequences. So, a clean environment is especially important for computer rooms and data centers. As a core part of the computer room environment support system, the cleaning of computer room floor is particularly important. Damaged or contaminated raised floor systems can affect the environment of the entire computer room, causing equipment failures in the and affect the normal operation of the computer room. Therefore, the effective cleaning and maintenance of the computer room access floor is very necessary. As a well-developed manufacturer of Raised Access Flooring Systems, HUIYA give you useful maintenance guides for cleaning, dust removal and decontamination of the computer room raised floor.

1.  First of all, we need to pay attention to some points when moving on computer room floors. When entering the computer room, it is best to wear a shoe cover. Never wear nail shoes to avoid damage to the floor! Then the machine room is basically easy to rub with rubber items and causes scratches. Another thing to note is that sometimes we get used to dragging when moving items, which makes it easy to leave scratches on the floor that are difficult to repair.

2.  The following is the cleaning and maintenance introduction: Remember not to use a corrosive cleaning agent, which is easy to corrode the floor surface of the computer room! Don’t use wet mop, there are a lot of equiments, wires and cables in the computer room, moist would cause short circuit! 

Specific computer room raised floor cleaning steps:

  • 1) Pour the diluted cleaning solution into the scrubber, and then operate the scrubber to move straight from the back to the straight line, so as to avoid omission. 

  • 2) While scrubbing the floor, start the suction machine to remove the sewage. The place where the washing machine cannot be washed can be scrubbed with a dry mop that has been cleaned with detergent. 

  • 3) After cleaning and sucking the surface sewage with detergent, wash the floor again with water in the same way, and drain the water to complete.

3. When cleaning and maintaining the floor, we need to wear a shoe cover so that it is not easy to cause unnecessary damage to the floor.

4.  Do not use the broom to clean the dust in the machine room. The dust is easy to enter the machine and the raised floor. It is best to use the vacuum equipment to absorb dust! Below, according to our years of work experience, we share some conveniences method can help you clean the dust in the gap of the anti-static floor of the computer room, and also give you a brand new office area!

  • 1) Vacuum Cleaner

    To clean the raised floor, it is vital to vacuum the dust first! The vacuum cleaner can be fitted with a small nozzle or a slit nozzle to better clean the gaps.

  • 2) Cotton Mop

    After vacuuming, wipe with a cotton mop. When mopping the floor, in order to better achieve the cleaning effect, try to use professional floor cleaner to wash with water, but not directly.

  • 3) Hair Dryer

    If there is no vacuum cleaner in the place where it works, the hair dryer is also the killer of the gap dust. Open the blower to the cold air, adjust to the wind of the right size, blow it at the gap of the floor, and the debris and dust will be blown out. Then, wipe it off with a rag.

5.  Below we introduce several ways to effectively clean the stain on the computer room anti-static raised floor:

  • Remove stains from the anti-static access floor with candle. The remaining candle heads are stored. When a certain amount is collected, the wick is cut and removed, and the amount is added. The same amount of turpentine is added to the wax and placed in a pot containing cold water to boil. The candle is melted, poured into a tank and stirred for a while after stirring. In order to make the anti-static floor easy and labor-saving, the wax can be slightly heated when using the anti-static floor before use.

  • Remove stains from the anti-static floor with a self-dosing agent. In a large pan, add soft soap, bleaching earth, 450 grams of soda, and 2270 ml of water, mix well, boil them and simmer them to half the original volume, then cool and store in a can. Dip the smudge on the anti-static floor with a hard brush, usually along the lines of the anti-static floor, then wash it with hot water and let it dry.

  • Remove stains from the anti-static floor with Salad oil, Milk. When rubbing the anti-static floor, add a few drops of salad oil to the water to make the anti-static floor very bright. Or use a sour milk with a little vinegar, not only can be decontaminated, but also can be polished very bright. The dirt on the floor can be wiped off with strong tea juice. It is easy to remove the smudges by wiping the smudges on the kitchen floor with burnt honeycomb ash and then smearing the vinegar on the mop.

  • Anti-static raised floor with oil traces such as grease, can be washed with boiled aqueous solution of concentrated alkaloids, then covered with smear on dough mixed with bleaching earth and hot water, and kept clean for one night, if necessary. Repeat.