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What are the key components of the ACCESSFLOORSTORE elevated raised access floor system?

2019/9/27 0:07:46

What are the key components of the ACCESSFLOORSTORE elevated raised access floor system?

HUIYA raised access floor system components

The key components of the elevated raised access floor system can be defined as follows:

A: Access Floor Panels

This is the horizontal load-bearing component of the raised floor. Commonly the size of access floor is used as 600 x 600mm. (industry standard module size), but we also have 500x500mm or 610x610mm. Especially in the US, the size of the raised floor is set to 24” x 24” square.  Specified panel dimensions and tolerances should be clarified when purchasing the raised floor. These floors will be available in the form of bare surfaces with no layer.

or the factory can be coated with a surface layer such as vinyl, carpet, wood or stone as customization.

All-Steel Anti Static Raised Floor Panels - Huiya Access Floor System

B: Base Pedestal Structure

This is a completely vertical, adjustable support structure for the raised floor. The base pedestal structure is typically stuck an epoxy-based adhesive. and it also requires mechanical attachment depending on the desired floor height. The pedestal assembly provides vertical adjustment.  the raised access floor can be leveled even if it may undulate in the sub-floor. The pedestal head provides panel position, electrical continuity.

Huiya Raised Access Floor Pedestal

C: Access Floor Stringer

This is the horizontal component that connects the pedestals together. It is attached on the pedestal head for providing additional lateral support at a greater floor level.  it also enhances the structural performance of the raised floor system.

Huiya Raised Access Floor Stringer

They can be snapped or bolted depending on the manufacturer. The stringer forms a grid system below the bottom of the upper panel.


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