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Why Should You Choose Raised Access Floor For Office Project?

2019/11/12 17:42:58

Raised Access Floor System has become the designer's first choice for modern office projects. If you are assigning a perfect and comfortable decoration solution for your office, you should know why more and more people choose raised floors for their office (what benefit does raised floor bring to the office) and how to install an efficient office raised floor.

Why Should You Choose Raised Access Floor For Office?

For those who are planning or are already in the process of remodeling a corporate office environment, making a project taking into account the needs to be met by the raised floor is essential. The advantages of raised floors are diverse and so they have been increasingly used in corporate environments. Office Raised Floors combine flexibility, simplicity of maintenance and design options, and present a practical alternative to traditional flooring.

Raised Access Floor For Office

Here are the advantages of Office Raised Floor:

1. The practicality of Access Floor - Manage Cable & Expand Space

One of the biggest advantages of the raised floor is the possibility it creates for the wire runs and other facilities needed for the best functioning of the corporate environment. 

With automation increasingly present in corporate environments, the need for multiple cables connecting and interconnecting machines is common. In addition to these cables, temperature and water passage control systems require pipes, tubes and other subsystems that contribute to the better functioning of the environment. If you have trouble in manage cable or wire in your office, read our 5 Design Solutions To Hide the Cables & Wires In Your Office.

These gadgets take up space and are hardly harmoniously integrated with decor, one of the challenges of corporate architecture. Thus, one of the advantages of raised flooring is that it offers a practical option to incorporate these subsystems without harming the architecture or decoration of the environment.

The height of these gaps should be calculated according to the structure of subsystems to be covered by the floor, ie the space occupied by pipes, wires, cables, among others. What makes the raised office floor even more practical is the ease it offers for cable and pipe inspection. As it consists of modular parts that can be removed one by one, the technician has access to subsystem sectors without having to break or damage structures.

2. Convenient and Fast Installation

One of the great advantages of raised floor in a project is the speed of installation. Although the average time required for placement depends on each type of material used, this time is still shorter compared to traditional ones.

However, it is necessary to assess customer needs when designing and include raised office floors, for example. It must take into account not only the client's aesthetic preferences but also the key practical needs to be met by the floor.

Once the project is done, taking into account the necessary requirements, the installation of the raised floor is relatively quick. Because its pieces are placed on top of raised access floor pedestals placed on the surface, this type of material does not require the necessary mortar laying in the installation of common floors.

3. Flexibility and Versatility of Raised Floor

Another advantage of the raised access floor is its versatility, it can be placed on an existing surface, which will support the raised floor pedestals.

The fact that they are modular pieces that just fit over the access floor pedestals makes it easy to remove as well. This allows parts to be reused in other environments if necessary.

This way, you can always renew your environments without having to spend on new finishes. This greatly values your project.

4. Variety of Raised Floor Materials, Finishes For Option

Another advantage of raised floors is that they offer a variety of options and can be found in many types of materials, such as:

  • Calcium Sulfate Raised Floor

  • Woodcore Raised Floor

  • Aluminum Raised Floor

  • Concrete Raised Floor

  • All Steel Raised Floor

The most traditional type of raised floor today is steel concrete-filled steel tiles.

Huiya OA Office Raised Access Floor System

Office Access Floor Covering (Finishes)

Due to the strength of the pedestals, the office elevated floor structure is sturdy and withstands high loads. However, to ensure the integrity of the floor, greater care must be taken with the raised floor finish chosen for the surface. Although this type of material can withstand heavy loads, a more sensitive finish, such as porcelain, may not support the weight and crack. Therefore, when choosing coatings, it is essential to take into account the needs of each environment. Each material has different properties that go beyond aesthetic value.

Properties of each type of raised floor finish make some more suitable for certain environments than others, they are:

  • Rubber

  • Impermeability

  • Acoustic and thermal insulation

  • Serviceability

In meeting rooms, for example, sound insulation is as important as the visual aspect. For this reason, many companies end up opting for carpet, which, in addition to offering acoustic and thermal insulation, contributes to a modern aesthetic. 

For corporate indoor environments, there are also wood, granite, marble and vinyl as finishing options, depending on the desired aesthetics for the project.

Since each material has different properties, consult the information about each material, such as installation, maintenance needs, and load resistance, before making a decision.

How To Install Office Raised Access Floor Effectively?

With the right planning, it is ensured that the floor will not only provide the ideal look, but also help cover pipes, wirings and other subsystems needed to optimize the environment. Check out how to install Raised Floor in office by reading our raised floor guide.

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