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Raised Floor Heavy Duty Panel Lifter

Raised Floor Heavy Duty Panel Lifter


Raised Floor Heavy Duty Panel Lifter (Raised Access Floor Heavy Duty Double Cup Tile Puller) is the raised floor lifter with two suction cups on the end, which is use to lift or remove all types of raised floor tiles from any access floor systems, particularly suitable for lifting Concrete-filled Raised Floor Panels. The vacuum is created by pressing the squeegee with a strong pressure on the access floor tile, so that the air is evacuated between the raised floor panel and the rubber suction cups. The arrangement of the valve lever thus a quick and efficient work is possible.

HuiYa Heavy Duty Access Floor Panel Lifter - Raised Floor Heavy Duty Panel Puller

Lift and move your access floor system safely, easily, quickly with our Heavy Duty Tile Lifter! For helping our customers more efficient and easier to install or maintain their access flooring systems, protecting raised floor structure from damage. HuiYa (AccessFloorStore.Com) offers the most suitable Heavy Duty Tile Lifter with professional sophisticated access floor production technology. You can feel free to send your inquire of Raised Floor Panel Lifters with special requires to us, OEM service for Raised Floor Heavy Duty Twin Cup Panel Lifter are accepted here, also welcome to check out our other Raised Flooring Accessories & Tools here. 

Raised Access Floor Panel Lifter (Raised Floor Tile Lifter) - Heavy Duty Raised Floor Panel Lifter (Heavy Duty Tile Puller).jpgHuiYa Heavy Duty Access Floor Panel Lifter - Raised Floor Heavy Duty Panel Puller.jpg


  • Cup Size: 5" Diameter Vacuum Suction Cups (130 mm)

  • Handle Long: 25 - 35 CM (Can Be Customized)

  • Material: Rubber, Aluminum Alloy

  • Lift Capacity: Maximum 135lbs Lift Load

  • Color: Black/Silver (Can Be Customized)

  • Operation: One Hand

Raised Floor Heavy Duty Panel Lifter (Raised Access Floor Heavy Duty Tile Puller).jpg


  • All types of access floor tiles from any raised floor systems, especially for the heavy concore raised floors


  • 2 black 5" rubber suction cups mounted on a solid aluminum die-cast handle

  • Top grade materials replaceable suction cups ensure durability and long service life

  • Powerful vacuum hold and excellent adsorption force, no risk of falling when lifting raised flooring panels

  • Designed by double cups allows easy lifting of heavy weights

  • Easy to use, help you lift and move access floor panels quickly and efficiently

How To Use

Simply place the Heavy Duty Twin Suction Cup Panel Lifter onto your raised access floor panel and press down, forcing out the air underneath the vacuum cups, and you will create a powerful vacuum hold. The suction is broken when the fingertip-operated bar is lifted.

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