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What Are The Factors Affecting The PUE Of Data Center? HuiYa Computer Room Floor Gives You Detailed Interpretation

2019/6/6 10:56:48

What are the factors affecting the PUE value of the data center? Here HuiYa (The professional Computer Room Access Floor Supplier) gives you the interpretation in detail!

Many people have heard of the concept of the green computer room and environment-friendly computer room. But what kind of computer room is greening and environmental protection? What kind of indicator is used to measure whether the computer room is environment-friendly? Now let’s make a detailed analysis for you!

With the advent of the big data era, the high-density integration and increasing heat of IT equipment in data center rooms have begun to receive strong attention from all walks of life. According to a study, the carbon emissions of IT data centers have become one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions, generating 860 million tons of carbon footprint a year, and the emissions in this area are still rapidly increasing, with the growing demand of global computing and data storage for communication technology. It is estimated that by 2020, the carbon emissions related to the global IT industry will reach 1.54 billion tons. Therefore, more and more people are paying attention to the construction of green computer rooms, and the key standard in the construction of green computer rooms is the PUE value.

The Factors Affecting The PUE Of Data Center - Accessfloorstore (HuiYa Computer Room Floor).jpg

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First, What Is PUE?

PUE is short for Power Usage Effectiveness, which is an indicator for evaluating the energy efficiency of a data center. It is the ratio of all the energy consumed by the data center to the energy used by the IT load. PUE = Data center’s total equipment energy consumption/IT equipment energy consumption, PUE is a ratio, the benchmark is 2, and the closer to 1 indicates the better energy efficiency level.

PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) has become a measure of data center’s power consumption in the world. The closer the PUE value is to 1, the higher the degree of greening a data center has.


Second, The Main Factors Affecting PUE

1. Power consumption of air conditioner in computer room

Because the air conditioning load in the computer room mainly comes from the heat released by the computer host device and the external auxiliary device, the main device such as a server, storage, and network accounts for 80% of the heat dissipation of the device. Therefore, as the server integration density continues to increase, the area with equipment cabinets becomes the main heat island area in the computer room. Server devices are getting hotter and denser. The air supply system under the engine room is to use space under the anti-static access floor as the plenum chamber of the air conditioning system. The air conditioning unit supplies air from the raised floor to the heat load of the cabinet and equipment. However, when the cold air is sent from the floor air outlet in front of the high-density cabinet to the middle of the cabinet, the cold air is completely absorbed by the server device. Therefore, if there is not enough cooling capacity in the upper part of the cabinet, the equipment will not be run normally.

2. UPS Power Consumption

The UPS power supply in the data center accounts for about 5% of the total power consumption. The power of the UPS itself accounts for about 7% of the UPS. The higher level the computer room is constructed, the more UPS is needed. For example, a national standard C-class computer room with a 400KVAUPS can meet the requirements, if the load in the computer room does not change, but the level changes from C to A, the UPS will change from one 400KVA to four 400KVA. UPS. Therefore, it is very important to solve the UPS's own power consumption. If the quality of the power supply in the computer room is very good, the UPS can work in a backup mode. Normal, the power system directly supplies electricity to the load through the bypass of the UPS, and the UPS is in backup state. After the mains power failure, it will be directly converted into UPS battery power supply mode. In this way, the power consumption of all UPS can be saved, thereby effectively increasing the PUE value.

3. Power Consumption of IT Equipment

The PUE is a multiplier factor more than one regardless of the change. To achieve the energy saving, reduce the power consumption of IT equipment such as server devices is an effective method. For example, an IT device with 1W power dissipation requires total power consumption of 1.6W. When the server device’s power consumption is reduced to 0.8, the total power consumption of the data center is immediately reduced to 0.8 × 1.6 = 1.28. The consumption of IT equipment is reduced by 0.2, while total power consumption was reduced by 0.32. The PUE value of the advanced data center/equipment rooms is usually less than 2, while the PUE of most data centers in China is between 2-3. Therefore, the 1W power consumption of the chip-level device in the domestic computer room will result in overall power consumption of 2-3W, while in the foreign machine room it will only bring out 2W or less.

The Factors Affecting The PUE Of Data Center - Accessfloorstore (HuiYa Computer Room Floor) 3.jpg

Therefore, if you want to do a green environmental protection computer room, you must control the PUE value. To reduce the PUE, you need to design and plan ahead of the above three factors. At present, the cooling channel technology in the computer room flooring construction project can control the PUE below 2. If there are needs of computer room flooring solution, you can contact AccessFloorStore.Com - The official raised floor store of Changzhou Huiya Decoration Materials Co., Ltd), we have been focusing on providing data center access floor solutions for 12 years.

Changzhou Huiya Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. is a general factory providing computer room anti-static raised access floors. The computer floor produced by the company is used by Unicom and China Mobile. If you have any inquiries, please contact us through the fixed-line: 0519-83811288 or the official customer service phone number: 18018280738.

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