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Raised Access Floor Grounding Requirements, Solutions, Maintenance for Data Center and Computer Room

2019/9/5 23:49:32

The anti-static technology of the computer room is part of the security and protection of the computer room. The problem caused by static electricity is not only difficult for hardware personnel to detect, but sometimes it also makes the staff mistakenly think that it is a software failure, which causes work confusion. In addition, static electricity is discharged to a computer or other device through the human body, and when the energy reaches a certain level, it also gives a feeling of electric shock (for example, when the computer monitor or the case is sometimes touched). Therefore, the use of an anti-static raised floor insulation material can avoid some potential dangers in the machine room and ensure the safety of workers. However, after the anti-static access floor is laid, it is necessary to carry out anti-static grounding treatment and connect the protection resistance box, otherwise the anti-static effect will not be achieved. So how to carry out reasonable and efficient grounding treatment of raised floor? In this article, Huiya - Professional Access Floor Supplier, will discuss the grounding requirements and solutions for the raised floor of the computer room and data center with you in detail.

1. Raised Floor Grounding Requirements

Using the pile foundation reinforcement of the building as a natural grounding body, the outer ring reinforcement can be closed with 40mm×4mm galvanized flat steel or 12mm round steel bar, and all pile foundations can be welded together to form a pile foundation grounding body. It can be completed when the load-bearing platform is poured in the civil works. In the plain river network zone, the general grounding body of the pile can reach the requirement that the grounding resistance is less than 1 ohm.

If the grounding resistance of the pile foundation cannot meet the requirement that the grounding resistance is less than 1 ohm, additional grounding piles should be added, or the grounding resistance should be determined to meet the specified requirements.

Raised Access Floor Grounding

2. Raised Floor Grounding System

The grounding of the weak current system will mainly be directed to the grounding measures of the computer network center, the electronic reading room, the audio-visual reading room and the floor distribution line (weak electric shaft), and the grounding measures with field devices.

There are high-precision, high-stability electronic devices inside the building. When an independent grounding system is required, its grounding facilities should be designed separately, so the equipment room is grounded separately.

Two grounding copper bars (40mm × 4mm × 1200mm) are separately led out as the grounding pole of the weak current grounding system. The spacing between the copper bars is more than 25 meters. The grounding value of the weak grounding copper bar should be less than 4 ohms. Increase the grounding point. For buildings without an internal network center room, a single grounding copper bar (same as above) is taken out separately.

Take the grounding wire from one grounding copper bar to the computer network room, ground separately, and lead the grounding wire from the other grounding copper bar to the electronic reading room, audio-visual reading room and weak electric well. The laying method adopts copper soft wire to wear PVC. Pipe to the machine room, so as to avoid interference from other grounding systems, the cross section of the copper wire should be greater than 100 square millimeters. It should be noted that the connection between the copper wire and the copper bar should be grounded to ensure the grounding effect. The length of the grounding lead-in wire should not exceed 30m. The grounding lead-in wire should be treated with anti-corrosion and insulation. It should not be placed in the heating floor. When it is buried, it should avoid the sewage pipe and the ditch. It should be exposed above the ground and should be protected from mechanical damage. Measures. The upper end of the grounding body should be no less than 0.7m from the ground.

3. Grounding Design and Solution for Computer Room & Data Center Raised Access Floor

(1) Using an anti-static raised floor in the computer room or data center, electrically connecting the floor brackets to form a grounding net, and connecting with the independent grounding copper bars of the building;

(2) A grounding belt shall be made around the computer room, using a 40*4mm galvanized flat steel strip and connected to the independent grounding copper row of the building;

(3) The signal ground wire of the computer system shall be a braided copper wire or stranded copper wire, and the signal grounds of each cabinet shall be connected together, and then grounded uniformly, and shall not be connected to the neutral wire;

(4) When the grounding wire crosses other cables, the spacing should be 25mm or more;

(5) The power distribution cabinet, junction box, metal case of the socket box, wall-through steel pipe, cable trough, cable metal sheath and other metal casings for electrical equipment, metal brackets for compter room raised floor, etc.should be grounded;

(6) The grounding resistance is not more than 4Ω.

4. Grounding of the Weak Electric Floor Wiring Closet

(1) A vertically grounded steel strip is installed in the shaft of the weak electricity building, which is made of galvanized flat steel 40*4mm. The wiring closet of the whole building is connected up and down and connected to the independent grounding copper row of the building;

(2) The cabinets, threading pipes, trunking, and bridge casings in the wiring closet shall be connected to the grounding steel strip, and all the threading pipes, trunking and bridges shall be electrically connected;

(3) The grounding resistance is not more than 4Ω.

5. Distribution & Connection of Communication Cables and Ground Cables In Computer Room

Through the simulation of different wiring, shielding and grounding methods, and the electromagnetic field influence of space electromagnetic field on the communication line, the following conclusions are made on the wiring and grounding method of the computer communication network system in the building:

(1) Communication cables and grounding cables should be placed in the middle of the building as much as possible;

(2) Communication cable troughs and ground troughs should be placed as close as possible to the building columns or beams, and should be located as far as possible from the building columns or beams;

(3) The satellite receiver high-frequency cable should be connected to the lightning protection equipment down-conductor at least two places before entering the equipment room.

Raised Access Floor Grounding Requirements, Solutions, Maintenance

6. Operation and Maintenance of The Grounding System

The grounding system should be inspected and maintained before the thunderstorm season. Mainly check whether the joint is tight, the contact is good, the grounding down the line is rusted, and there is no abnormality on the ground near the grounding body. If necessary, the ground should be dug up to check the rest of the underground concealed part. If problems are found, they should be dealt with in time.

The grounding resistance of the grounding grid should be measured once a year.

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