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Clean Room Raised Floor System Installation | How To Install Access Floor In Clean Room?

2019/9/6 20:23:05

Clean room is a controlled environment that has a low level of pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles, and chemical vapors, widely applied in the pharmaceutical, vaccine, biotechnology, medical device, nanotechnology and semiconductor industries. Therefore, as an important part of the clean room, the clean room floor is not only highly anti-fouling and easy to clean, but also needs to provide efficient air supply to maintain a high level of air cleanliness and to adjust the air distribution. Huiya Clean Room Raised Floor, especially raised floors with holes, are well suited to these needs. While how to properly install the clean room raised floor to maximize the benefits? In Clean Room Access Floor Installation guide, will give you the most important tips!

Clean Room Raised Floor System Installation

1. The raised floor for clean room and its supporting structure should meet the clean room solution and load-bearing requirements. The factory certificate and review load inspection report shall be inspected before installation, and each specification shall have a corresponding inspection report.

2. The concrete slab which will be built the raised floor on should meet the following requirements:

(1) The ground elevation should comply with the design requirements;

(2) The surface layer of the ground should be smooth and dust-free, the moisture content should not exceed 8%, and the paint should be painted according to the raised floor solution requirements;

All Steel Perforated Raised Floor - HuiYa Access Floor System (AccessFloorStore)

3. The raised access floor panels and support parts should be flat and solid, and have the characteristics of wear resistance, mildew resistance, moisture resistance, flame retardant or non-combustible, pollution resistance, aging resistance, static electricity resistance, acid and alkali resistance.

4. For the anti-static raised access floor, check the product certificate, certificate and anti-static performance test report before installation.

5. For airflow raised floor with ventilation requirements, the opening ratio and opening distribution, aperture or side length on the access floor panel should meet the clean room requirements.

6. The connection or bonding of the Raised Floor Pedestals to the building floor should be firm and reliable. The connecting metal parts on the lower of the Access Floor Pedestal should meet the requirements of the clean room access floor system, and the thread of the fixing bolt shall not be less than 3 buckles.

7. The allowable tolerance of the laying of the raised floor panel shall comply with the following table:

Allowable Tolerance (mm) for Access Floor Panels In Clean Room               

ProjectAllowable Tolerance (mm)Testing Method

All-Steel Raised Floor
All-Steel Raised Floor
Pavement of the Panel Surface2.0
2.0Measure with 2M Guiding Ruler & Wedge Plug Ruler
The High-Low Tolerance of Panel Jointing0.41.0Measure with Steel Ruler & Wedge Plug Ruler
Gap Width of Panels0.31.0Measure with Steel Ruler
Cumulative Tolerance in the Horizontal Direction of the PanelsL≤100m±10Measure with Theodolite or Rangefinder


Note: L indicates the Horizontal length of the raised floor panel.

8. Ensure the accuracy of the construction actinobacillus before installing the raised floor, correctly select the elevation reference point and mark the installation position and height of the floorboard.

9. After the installation of the raised floor, there should be no swing, no sound, and good firmness when people are walking on it. The raised floor panel is smooth and clean, and the panel joints are horizontal and vertical.

10. The installation of edge of the raised floor should be inlaid after cutting according to the actual situation, with adjustable support and cross bar, and the soft and non-dusting material should be used for jointing between the cutting edge and the wall.