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Access Floor Temperature Control Units
Access Floor Temperature Control Units

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HuiYa Raised Access Floor Temperature Control Units for Underfloor Cooling and Air Distribution

Data centers need to keep an appropriate temperature to ensure the machines running regularly and consumes lower energy. There are many different solutions to deliver the air of the building and control the temperature, how to deliver the air with the highest efficiency and reduce the waste of airflow and energy cost? As a leading raised access floor and flooring accessories product manufacturer, also offers the high-quality access floor temperature control unit, which consists of four fans with multiple control options to change the temperature automatically. When the conditions reflect the cooling air is desirable, raised floor mount fan unit will turn on and transport cooling air to those hard to cool areas where high-density servers have created hot spots through an individual directional raised floor airflow panels, all the way to the top of the rack.

raised floor mount fan system.png


  • Materials: Airflow system machine, perforated access floor panel

  • Installation tool: raised floor pedestal, stringer, sensor and more

  • Combine with perforated raised floor panels

  • The open ratio is changeable through access floor slide damper

  • Supply or return airflow with the underfloor plenum

  • Use the principle of natural thermal rise to extract the air by ceiling returns

  • It does not require downtime or movement of racks for installation

  • It is available in standard or heavy-duty load ratings and surface coverings are customized to match the finish of the access floor panel installation.


Data center, computer room, clean room, exchange room, communication room, and areas require accurate airflow control and cooling.


  • Monitor and feedback the overall temperature instantly

  • Individual switch to turn on/off, convenient to operate and no influence on other devices

  • Adjustable speed levels to save the energy cost

  • Reduce heat efficiently through transport cool air from underfloor through a closed channel.

  • Fast and easy installation

  • Complete raised floor fan system mounting kit

  • Precise airflow control

  • Less maintenance

The raised floor temperature control unit comes with floor mount fan and other assists to form a complete underfloor air distribution system, combine with sub floor ventilation system to supply ventilation and cooling and create a more healthy indoor environment.