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Mipolam Technic EL 5
Mipolam Technic EL 5

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ESD Floor Covering - Static-Conductive Flooring Mipolam Technic EL 5

The ESD access floor system is used for the electrical static charge to discharge the required ground, our Mipolam Technic EL 5 is a type of ESD floor covering that conductive flexible homogeneous compacted available in tiles. With the development of technology and modern industries, more and more access floor manufacturers have started to develop and produce useful and budget ESD raised floor tiles, panels, covering, finishes and more. ESD conductive floor works with other ESD protection devices to minimize the Body Voltage Generation and maintain correct ground discharge. is an experienced ESD floor covering and conductive flooring covering product supplier with a good reputation, quality insurance, and professional service. 


Static-Conductive Flooring Covering & Finishes - Mipolam Technic EL 5 Properties

Looking at the characteristic of the conductive floor covering. The conductive carbon coated PVC pellets create a perfect conductive network for permanent conductive properties and antistatic properties (> 20 V) throughout its full life expectancy. It acts as a continuous conductive 10^4 = Rt = 10^6 (EN 1081) and complies with EN 649. Reaction on fire group Bfl-s1, classification 34/43, slip resistance approved for public areas. TVOC after 28 days less than 10 μg/ m3 due to ISO 16000-6. Without any content listed as CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic, and reprotoxical due to REACH).

Application: Hospital, manufacturing assembly and test areas with sensitive electronic and computer equipment, cleanrooms with sensitive equipment, sensitive telecommunication installation areas, medical diagnostic instrument areas with sensitive instruments.

Benefits & Advantages of Mipolam Technic EL 5 | Static-Conductive Flooring Covering

- Suitable for sensitive equipment areas and sophisticated static control environments.

- Reduce electronics failures and protect the equipment and staff.

- Result in a lower scrap rate.

- Easy to maintain and clean up

- Resistance to common damage

- Superior performance

Specifications & Characteristics of Mipolam Technic EL 5 | Static-Conductive Flooring

Permanent conductive flooring => 10^4 < R < 10^6

Palette of 6 colors in technical designs

TVOC after 28 days < 10µg/m3 => indoor air quality

Homogeneous structure


0636 Grey


0635 White


0640 Beige


0637 Light Blue


0638 Blue


0639 Green


Documents Download

1. ESD Solutions - Guide

Download the guide to view full information of our all ESD Floor coverings, including all types of dissipative/conductive flooring, applications, benefits, production description, technical data, rolls and tiles, colors and more.

2. Mipolam Technic EL 5 - Technical Datasheet

Download the document to view the Technical Data of ESD Static-Conductive Floor Covering - Mipolam Technic EL 5, including thickness, weight, tile size, classification, performance, air quality.

3. Mipolam Technic EL 5 - Fire Certificate    

Download the Fire Certificate - European reaction to fire classification report according to European Standard

4. Mipolam Technic EL 5 - Installation guidelines contract

Download the guidelines to learn how to install Technic EL5 ESD Floor on titles conductive with conductive glue and on Tiles with Acrylic Glue

5. Mipolam Technic EL 5 - Maintenance instruction by product

Download this document to learn how to stain removal and clean Mipolam EL Floors

6. Mipolam Technic EL 5 -Declaration of Performance

Download the Declaration of Performance for our Technic EL 5 ESD Floor