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What Are the Most Used Raised Access Floor Types in London, UK?

2020/11/27 19:11:31

In the previous article on the raised floor market in the UK, we have introduced the growing trend of raised floors in the country. So which raised floor is the most popular in the United Kingdom building project? Today we will take you to discuss the most used raised floor products in the UK.

Types of Raised Access Floors In UK Market

With the vigorous development of network technology, IT and electronics industries, more and more data centers and smart offices have been established in the world's financial center-London to meet the needs of economic development. The raised floor provides the most advantageous floor solution for control rooms, integrated offices, computer rooms and light industrial occasions, especially in terms of cost savings and energy consumption. In order to adapt to the development of the market, the technology of raised floors has become more and more advanced, and more and more types have been developed to meet the needs of different industries and applications. Therefore, we can now find raised floors of the following materials on the market:

  • Steel Raised Floor with Lightweight Concrete core

  • Steel Raised Floor with Calcium Sulphate Core

  • Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete Raised Floor

  • Aluminum Raised Floor

  • Wood Core Raised Floor

  • Low Profile Plastic Raised Floor

  • Low Profile Steel Raised Floor

  • Glass Raised Access Floor

Customers can choose the above products as the best solution according to specific projects. It is important to note that no single raised floor design or panel structure can handle all applications. If you want to know more details about these products, please check in our Raised Access Floor Panel catalog.

Most Used Raised Floor Types In United Kingdom

In the construction of many projects in the UK, we found that the following two types of floors are widely used in IT industry places such as offices and data centers.

Galvanized Steel Calcium Sulphate Raised Floor In Office Building

Calcium sulfate raised flooring has been popular in Europe for more than 30 years. Due to its special environmental protection and energy-saving advantages, it is now widely used in building materials in Asia.

Encapsulated Galvanised All Steel Calcium Sulphate Raised Access Floor.png

Calcium sulfate raised floor, its main ingredient is the use of natural gypsum powder, and some reinforcing fibers (made of non-toxic and unbleached plant fibers) mixed. This material occupies at least 85% of the calcium sulfate panel, combined with other mineral adhesives, water, and other substances, through high-pressure extrusion molding, and then must be placed in a constant temperature space for half a month to give its bending strength Strengthen to reach a certain standard or above.

When calcium sulfate crystallizes, it will produce precise and tiny holes. This feature is also very helpful for sound absorption. It can reduce the noise when walking on top, improve the comfort and stability of walking, and affect the working environment. In other words, can have a better atmosphere. Since the content of gypsum powder and fiber is greater than 85%, the recyclable materials are close to 90-95% when the product is used to the end of its life. Excellent recycling data has a very good impact on today's environment and environmental protection. Calcium sulfate raised floor should be the floor with the best fire resistance among the raised floors today. Its excellent fire resistance is the best solution to provide safety and fire protection. Calcium sulfate floor is non-flammable, fireproof, and good in sound insulation. Under the influence of considerable environmental factors (such as height, amount of air), its fire resistance test can reach F60 grade, and the material characteristics of calcium sulfate floor are good for slight humidity in the air. The adjustment effect is suitable for commercial spaces, and the life of the floor is longer than that of the plastic floor. With so many advantages, it has become an ideal choice for ordinary office use.

Features & Advantages Of Calcium sulfate Raised Floor:

  • 1. Light volume and weight, effectively reducing the load bearing of the floor.

  • 2. Good fire resistance, moisture resistance, and sound insulation.

  • 3. High stability, not easily affected by temperature and humidity, flatness tolerance

  • 4. Material manufacturing and recycling are of good environmental protection grade

HPL Raised Floor For Data Center

HPL raised floor is referred to the Raised Floor with HPL covering. HPL is a substitute for the original plastic sheet or Meina board, and the product quality is higher. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular and durable surface decoration materials, especially when applied to the surface of raised floors, it is the most popular first choice for customers.

HPL Raised Access Floor.png

HPL uses a multi-layer kraft paper structure, phenolic resin (a synthetic plastic), wood fiber core and other materials, which are impregnated, and then a layer of decorative paper material is added on the surface, layer by layer like a sandwich, and then heated and at least >1000 PSI (1000 pounds per square inch atmospheric pressure) pressurization method to merge them together. Because phenolic resin and melamine resin (also known as melamine) are thermosetting polymers, in the curing process of thermoforming, the resin is converted into plastic through cross-linking chemical reaction, and this process can convert kraft paper, The wood fiber core is transformed into an integrated, hardened and rigid laminate. Due to such a thermosetting molding process, the structural molecules produced are very strong and irreversible, thus improving its durability and becoming a very durable product.

In application, a variety of adhesives can be used to stick HPL on flat materials. In the past, plastic plywood (particle board) and dense board (density board) were the preferred substrates in the past. Due to its durability, high-pressure laminate is a common choice for horizontal or vertical surfaces (including floors, countertops, and tabletops). Special-purpose HPL has high wear resistance, fire resistance, static electricity dissipation, and chemical resistance, so it is now in large numbers It is used as a surface material for raised floors and used as a technology workshop or other environment.

Features and advantages of HPL:

  • 1. Strong wear resistance and impact resistance

  • 2. Excellent permeability resistance, very low water absorption, and moisture content

  • 3. Very stain resistant, easy to plot maintenance

  • 4. Good high-temperature resistance

  • 5. It has antistatic properties and does not attract dust

  • 6. Economical and convenient, the most price advantage

The above two raised floors are favored by engineers in British construction projects for their outstanding performance and advantages. In AccessFloorStore.Com you can also find these two types of products, we improve the high quality and the most affordable price. If you want to know more about raised floors, please feel free to contact us.