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Anti-Static Raised Floor Guide/Tips - Components, Categories, Features & What Is Antistatic Flooring System

2019/7/24 17:56:43

Anti-Static Flooring Meaning - What Is Anti-Static Raised Floor System

Anti-static raised floor is also called static dissipative floor/ESD flooring. When it is grounded or connected to any lower potential point, the charge is dissipated, characterized by resistance between the 5th and 9th ohms of 10. The anti-static technology of computer room is a part of the security and protection of computer room. Static electricity produced for various reasons is one of the most frequent and difficult hazards to eliminate. Static will not only cause random faults, misoperation or operation errors in computer operation, but also lead to breakdown and destruction of some components, such as CMOS, MOS circuits, dual-stage circuits, etc. In addition, static has a significant impact on the external equipment of the computer. 

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Anti-Static Raised Floor Components, Categories & Types

Anti-static floor product is generally divided according to the different base materials and veneer materials. The substrates are steel base, aluminium base, composite base, particleboard base (wood base), calcium sulfate base and so on. The veneer materials are anti-static floor tiles, melamine (HPL), PVC and so on. In addition, there are anti-static plastic floor, anti-static network floor and so on. The anti-static flooring system is mainly assembled with adjustable brackets, beams, panels, etc. The technical performance of brackets, beams and panels shall conform to the design requirements and the current national standards. There is a certain amount of suspension space between the horizontal floor and the panel. It can be used for downlink and air supply in computer rooms, data rooms and other computer rooms with a large number of lines is quite practical. Because of its good comprehensive performance, it is more and more popular in the market. For more ESD floor details please head over to anti-static flooring wiki. 

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- All-steel components, strong bearing capacity, good fire resistance.

- Surface electrostatic spraying, soft light.

- Wear resistance and anti-static performance are excellent, anti-pollution, easy to clean and decorative.

- High dimensional accuracy,  flexible assembly and convenient maintenance.

- High mechanical strength, good interchangeability

- Wear resistance, corrosion resistance.


Anti-static access floor is widely used in computer room, satellite ground station computer room, radio control room, television transmitter control room, microwave communication station computer room, program-controlled exchange room, clean workshop, assembly workshop of electronic instrument factory, confidential optical instrument manufacturing workshop, hospital, school and other occasions with anti-static requirements.

If you are looking for reliable anti-static access flooring supplier, Huiya can be your best choice. We have been specialized in anti-static floor production and sale, offering complete specifications, a variety of new styles, and customized static-dissipative flooring according to customer’s needs with affordable price, excellent quality.

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