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How To Maintain & Clean All-steel Anti-static Raised Floor for Long Service Life?

2019/11/6 19:07:18

Static electricity always exists around us, for the safety of the computer room, it is necessary to lay an anti-static raised floor. The maintenance of the computer room needs regular cleaning. The all-steel anti-static access floor needs cleaning and maintenance after a period of use. How often do you maintain and clean the raised floor system for computer room? How to clean and care for the All-steel Anti-static Access Floor for a longer service life? Let's talk about the correct cleaning and maintenance steps.

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All-steel Anti-static Raised Access Floor Maintenance & Cleaning Guide

How To Maintain The All-steel Anti-static Raised Floor?

Maintenance of all-steel anti-static access floor:

  • During use, please do not use sharp, sharp-edged tools on the raised floor to avoid damage to the antistatic performance and aesthetics of the finish.

  • The surface of the raised floors can be contaminated with adhesives, rubber wheels, paint, pyrotechnics, etc., so be careful. If there is oily dirt on the surface of the floor, it can be scrubbed with a neutral decontaminating detergent. If the surface is partially scratched and rubbed, it can be sanded with fine water sandpaper.

  • It is forbidden to directly wash the surface of the all-steel anti-static floor with water, the best way to clean anti-static floor is using the wrung mop to sweep to prevent the surface finish layer from peeling and the lower metal raised floor parts from rusting, which would affect the normal operation of the cable and equipment under the raised floor. 

  • When disassembling the anti-static raised floor, you must use the raised floor suction lifter. Do not use tools such as sharp objects to pull, pull, hit or smash. When there is heavy equipment in the equipment room, the equipment should be directly placed on the ground base, and it should not fall directly on the floor, causing long-term load and deformation of the floor.

  • After the anti-static all-steel access floor is exposed to direct sunlight, the ultraviolet rays will cause cracks on the surface of the floor. Therefore, curtains or blinds should be used to block and avoid direct sunlight.

How To Clean All-steel Anti-static Raised Floor?

How to clean the all-steel anti-static access floor, what is the difference between cleaning with the ordinary access floor? Here is the Cleaning guide of Anti-static Steel Access Floor

The cleaning frequency of the all-steel raised floor is generally 6 months. First, polish the floor with a sanding machine and waxing water. Then clean the raised floor with a neutral detergent and rinse it with clean water. Remember to quickly dry it with a suction machine. After the access floor is completely dry, evenly apply antistatic special electrostatic wax water, and the floor can be used after 8 hours of waxing.

Therefore, the use of good quality anti-static all-steel false floor to make the computer room long service life is one aspect, the later care, and maintenance is also very important, AccessFloorStore.Com hope everyone can make the best use of it.

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