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Raised Access Floor Is The Best Flooring Solution For Office and Work Areas

2020/2/18 23:53:25

Flexibility to reorganize the room in complete planning freedom. The raised floor is an access flooring system that was developed to solve the problems with the increasingly widespread laying of technical cables in offices and workrooms.

What Is The Raised Floor For Office?

The raised floor is a flooring system that was developed to solve the problems with the increasingly widespread laying of technical cables in offices and workrooms. The raised access floor solution is to build a higher step on the floor. The supply (electricity, air conditioning), transmission (IT, telephone) and automation networks (building automation, security and fire protection systems) are then laid in the resulting cavity. 

What Use Raised Access Floor In Office?

Below are the main advantages of using access Floor in office:

  • The most important advantage of this office raised floor system is its functionality, because it offers the possibility to reach the plants and to work on them without having to open the masonry, which obviously saves a lot of time and costs. 

  • Because the various elements are "dry", i.e. assembled without adhesives, each access floor panel on the floor can be removed individually, and the components can even be used in completely different rooms. 

  • The flexibility of the system makes it possible to adapt the technical systems to the changes and developments in the working tools and IT networks. 

  • With a raised access floor, a room can be reorganized quickly and easily, and the workplaces can be converted without much effort with full office or business operations.

  • Further considerable advantages result from the greater freedom in planning, since you are no longer bound by the specification of the technical systems, and from the large selection of durable and aesthetically high-quality materials for the surface finish of the panels. 

  • In addition to the basic technical services such as resistance to impact and impact, the ceramic and calcium sulfate panels offer numerous aesthetic solutions combined with functionality, value and durability.

Huiya Offers You The Best Office Raised Floor Solution

If you are looking for the best flooring solution for your office or work area, please contact us without hesitation. Huiya, as a manufacturer that has been committed to the production and sales of office raised floors for many years, provides professional solutions for you, and provides a variety of office raised floors for your choice.

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Ceramic Calcium Sulphate Raised Floor

GRC Concrete Raised Floor

Nichas GRC Raised Floor Carpet

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