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  • Raised Floor (Access Floor) Overview & Wiki - Definition, Design, Features, Applications, Structure | Huiya
    2020/1/8 15:49:23

    Raised Floor System (Access Floor) - An OverviewWhat is Raised Floor? Also referred to as raised access computer floor, access floor, false floor, elevated floor or raised flooring, a raised floor offers an elevated structural floor over a solid substrate. It is beneficial in developing a hidden void so that the electrical and mechanical services can pass easily. These raised floors syst...

  • Office Raised Floor Specification, Structure & Benefits of Using Access Floor In Office
    2020/1/7 23:01:08

    The tertiary and open space offices must be modular to adapt to the business world. To change the configuration of workstations, replace technical equipment and be at the cutting edge of technology, raised floors are the ideal choice for modern offices!What is the Raised Floor For Offices?A raised floor (access floor or false floor) is a technical elevated floor created above a solid floor slab us...

  • Tips on raised floor systems and How to manage office gound cables
    2020/1/6 21:12:06

    How to Manage Office Ground Cables?  Today, it’s the age of Internet technologies. Everywhere Internet has assumed a significant place. For this, proper cable management is essential to ensure the optimal function of the organization as a whole. what methods to manage cables in the office?Why Office ground have many cables?An office even though small will have the minimum set-up such data (interne...

  • What Is Peel and Stick Vinyl (Plank) Flooring & How To Install Self-Adhesive PVC Floor Tiles?
    2020/1/6 15:02:34

    Peel and Stick Vinyl (Plank) Flooring also known as self-adhesive PVC floor tile is one of the highlights in the renovation market, which has found its way into private and commercial area, even in the bathroom and kitchen more and more often in recent years. Known for its excellent quality and price ratio, the self-adhesive vinyl flooring or PVC flooring also has the advantage of being quick and ...

  • what is carpet floor tiles and where to use it
    2020/1/4 20:50:48

    Where to use carpet tiles?Carpets should be an option that should be considered when it comes to designing a new floor, work or home. Much cheaper than regular rugs, carpet tiles offer all the modern advantages of a standard rug for almost half the cost. For more than 50 years, carpet tiles have been used to decorate floors both at home and at work. Other popular names for carpet tiles include mod...

  • Best Clean Room Flooring Solutions - Cleanroom Flooring Requirements & Materials
    2020/1/4 0:43:17

    When constructing a clean room, in order to achieve the required cleanliness level, not only the construction of the wall is required to meet some conditions, but also the selection of the floor material. So what kind of flooring should be chosen for the clean room? Here are the best floor materials for clean rooms.Clean Room Flooring RequirementsClean room is also called clean workshop. It refers...

  • The Difference Between Peel Stick PVC Flooring and Click Lock SPC Vinyl Flooring
    2020/1/3 0:48:05

    With the continuous development of the flooring industry in recent years, in addition to traditional wooden and ceramic floors, many new types of flooring have also become popular. For example, PVC self-adhesive floor tile and SPC lock floor tile are widely used in commercial and private places for their excellent performance. The performance of these two types of flooring is very similar, and it ...

  • What is difference of Laminate Flooring and Vinyl flooring?
    2020/1/1 22:31:04

    Laminate Flooring VS Vinyl Flooring  What is Laminate flooring?  Laminate flooring is a sturdy and durable manufactured product that is easy to look after. Laminate flooring is commonly made out of 90%+ wood, which makes the floor look a lot more natural to its competitors. It also features the look of a standard wood or stone floor but is easy to clean, easy to install, and, more importan...

  • How To Remove & Replace Vinyl Floor Tiles (PVC Flooring Tiles) Efficiently?
    2019/12/31 14:22:12

    Although vinyl tiles are considered a strong flooring material, they may deteriorate after years of use or due to an accident. Therefore, at some point, you may need to replace a damaged floor tile or you may need to remove a large area of PVC floor and replace it with a new floor plan. How do you remove existing vinyl floor tiles from concrete floor? Can you remove vinyl floor adhesive easily? Be...

  • Vinyl Flooring Cleaning & Care Tips - How To Clean, Maintain and Protect Vinyl PVC Floor Tiles Properly?
    2019/12/30 20:04:32

    Vinyl flooring is one of the most popular flooring materials in commercial and private living spaces due to its good value for money, diverse design, sturdiness and easy care. In order for vinyl to maintain its beautiful appearance and maintain the quality of the floor, as shiny as the first day, vinyl flooring still needs to be properly cleaned and maintained regularly. But how should you clean a...

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