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  • Huiya Raised Floor Expected To Be Ideal Flooring Solution For Future Office Building
    2020/5/24 17:56:31

    Office buildings for services and administration are subject to enormous changes in the building and spatial structure. In this continuous process, raised floor system floors as elevated floor constructions have been proven in planning, implementation, and use for more than 30 years. Your long-term sustainable future lies within the planning structure for office environments in the relationships b...

  • Huiya Anti-Static Raised Floor Is Best Flooring Solution For 5G Base Station Modular Container
    2020/5/19 22:13:13

    With the advent of the 5G era, more and more 5G base stations are being built to achieve full area coverage. And our anti-static raised floor with its outstanding durability, functionality and cost control, fortunately has become an important part of many 5G base station modular server room structure.Modular Containers Save Time and Cost For Building 5G Base StationThe 5G base station is the core ...

  • Most Widely Used Raised Floor Systems - Huiya Top Selling Access Floor Panels In Global Market
    2020/5/16 19:10:31

    With the development of science and technology and the development of high-tech industries, high-quality energy-saving and environmentally-friendly raised floors have become the theme of development. Many access floor manufacturer have worked hard on innovating from the source of materials to series of mechanical processing to save resources and achieve sustainable development, Huiya is no excepti...

  • Raised Floor Pedestal Adhesive Use Guide - How To Fix Pedestal To Ground (Concrete Slab)?
    2020/5/12 19:58:12

    In order to get the most stable raised floor system, the base of the raised floor pedestal must be firmly fixed to the ground, this is where the pedestal adhesive works. If you need high-strength raised floor pedestal glues for the installation or manufacture of raised access floor systems, Huiya's latest Epoxy Mortar pedestal adhesive combination is your ideal choice. In this article, we will...

  • What Is The Best Floor Covering To Apply On Office Raised Access Floor Systems?
    2020/5/11 19:41:20

    Raised floor is a modern office flooring solution that has won many fans in the corporate area due to its versatility and sustainability. By creating a free space between the floor and the original slab, the raised floor hides electrical, data, and voice wires and cables, facilitating maintenance and allowing flexible decoration projects that accompany the company's growth and turnover. After ...

  • Huiya Office Raised Floors Compliant CISCA Loading Test & ASTM E84, ASTM E136, BS 475 Fire Tests
    2020/5/6 17:54:14

    No matter what kind of environment is used, high loading capacity and great fire-resistant performance are the keys for raised floors to guarantee safe application, so every raised access floor panel must meet specific secure specifications in design and production. HUIYA Office Raised Floor With Great Loading & Fireproof CertifiedHUIYA's office raised floors are produced in stri...

  • How to Clean PVC Anti-Static Raised Floor & Remove The Stubborn Stains On It?
    2020/4/29 18:46:19

    Although PVC anti-static raised floor is very resistant to dirt, it is still an element that is constantly receiving impact. An environment where the floor is dirty and stained becomes unpleasant and unsanitary, so regular cleaning is always required to keep PVC anti-static raised floor in perfect condition.Not all floors are easy to treat and offer a result according to the demands of the industr...

  • HPL vs. PVC, Which Type of Anti-Static Raised Floor Panel To Choose?
    2020/4/29 17:34:09

    HPL and PVC are the two most commonly used covering on anti-static raised flooring panels. In addition to their ability to control static electricity, what are the common features and differences between them? Should you choose PVC or HPL anti-static raised flooring for your project? In today's article, your raised floor specialist HUIYA will answer you.What Is PVC Anti-Static Raised Floor?PVC...

  • Best Clean Room Flooring Solutions - Anti-Static Raised Floor, Self-Leveling Floor, ESD Vinyl Floor, Terrazzo Floor
    2020/4/28 17:53:16

    Whether it is in an industrial purification workshop or a biological clean room, effective control of environmental pollution can ensure the safe production of large quantities of sensitive products. Therefore, the floor of the clean room is required to meet specific specifications: the ground should be good in integrity, flat, not cracked, wear-resistant, impact-resistant and moisture-proof, high...

  • How To Choose The Laboratory Floor - Best Laboratory Flooring Solutions
    2020/4/28 16:02:03

    In order to prevent situations and ensure that the laboratory carries out the work accurately and efficiently when we build our laboratory, it is important to anticipate contingencies and always take into account design, materials, and accessories. Don't forget: the laboratory flooring requires special attention, it is required to meet some regulations. In this article we will talk about good ...

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