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  • HUIYA Carried Out Safety Emergency Drill To Improve Security of Raised Floor Production
    2020/7/3 18:53:09

    Safe production is an important guarantee for the development of an enterprise. This is an important concept Huiya Raised Floor has implemented in production and operation. In order to further strengthen the safety management work of our company and factory, enhance the safety awareness of employees, and improve the ability of emergency treatment and first aid, a professional team is invited to co...

  • How To Increase The Durability & Service Life of Vinyl Flooring (PVC Floor)?
    2020/6/30 1:14:43

    When building or renovating the flooring of houses, apartments, offices, and any other environment, one of the concerns are with the resistance of the materials. In addition to being beautiful, long-lasting has become a determining factor when choosing vinyl PVC floor for your project. To help you with this, we are going to talking about the durability of vinyl flooring, so you can know if this ty...

  • Why Use Self Adhesive Vinyl Flooring (Peel & Stick PVC Floor) In Your Office?
    2020/6/30 0:09:31

    If, on the one hand, corporate environments need an aesthetic composition of impact in line with the brand identity, on the other, they also need practical and economical Corporate Architecture solutions. That is why when it comes to office floors, self-adhesive vinyl floor always come up.Benefits of Using Self-Adhesive PVC Floor (Peel and Stick Vinyl Floor) In OfficeFound in the form of planks or...

  • What To Consider When Choosing An Raised Access Floor For Your Project?
    2020/6/29 20:30:09

    Choosing the raised floor and having it installed correctly is a job that requires much more involvement than it seems, the material of the panel, strength and durability are important factors that must be considered.Raised Floor Panel Material & FinishRaised floors are found with various specifications. In the past, panels were made of wood, wood composite or hollow steel. Most were not parti...

  • Raised Access Floors Are Ideal Flooring Solution For Corporate Environments (Office Projects)
    2020/6/29 19:24:52

    Flexibility is the word for qualifying raised floors. The construction system is basically composed of modular plates of different materials and also modular support structures that, coupled directly on the substrate, create free spaces for the passage of electrical, data and telecommunications cables, pipes and even air conditioning.In office and commercial projects, where the volume of installat...

  • Raised Floor Types - Choose The Idea Access Floor Type For Your Project
    2020/6/27 19:22:22

    Offices, public spaces and operational areas (data centers, clean rooms, internet server rooms) benefit greatly from the types of raised floors. And why is it so advantageous to be used in projects? Flexibility and mobility are the main characteristics of the raised floor.Raised Floor creates a space between the subfloor and the panel, allowing the creation of a space that is very useful to hide a...

  • Application of Concrete Raised Floor In Outdoor: Benefits & Installation
    2020/6/27 13:39:34

    Concrete Raised Floor facilitates drainage of rainwater and access to installations under the surface in outdoor areas. The Raised Floor for outdoor was developed for areas exposed to bad weather, such as circulation spaces in common areas of buildings and balconies. The concrete access floor system consists of reinforced concrete panels that serve as a structure for the coating. Stability is guar...

  • Is It Worth To Install Raised Access Floor In Commercial Indoor and Outdoor Places?
    2020/6/27 13:03:52

    In commercial buildings and other developments that use physical spaces, it is increasingly important to have a flexible structure. Without this, it is difficult for the business to adapt to new demands quickly and efficiently.The possibility of receiving different types of technologies has led many enterprises to choose to use the raised floor system. The investment values the property by facilit...

  • Huiya Selects High-End Raw Steel & Aluminum Materials for Raised Floor Systems
    2020/6/26 14:43:19

    Changzhou Huiya Decoration Materials Co., Ltd is a professional access floor manufacturer that specialized in producing raised access floor for years, has been founded in 2005 with registered capital of 60 million yuan. The factory is located in Henglin Town, Changzhou City, which is surrounded by convenient transportation and green shade, covering an area of more than 60,000 square meters and an ...

  • Properly Prepare Your Sub-floor For Installing Vinyl Floor (PVC Floor)
    2020/6/23 18:30:55

    Are you about to install a vinyl floor? Take the time to properly prepare your sub-floor to avoid unpleasant surprises after installation.How To Properly Prepare Your Sub-floor For Installing Vinyl Flooring?Be aware that unlike preparing a sub-floor for ceramic, in the case of vinyl, there is no need to solidify the structure. Since it is a flexible covering, even if the sub-floor is not the ...

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