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  • Computer Room Raised Floor Cleaning & Maintenance | How To Effectively Clean Dust and Stain on Computer Room Access Floor?
    2019/9/10 23:25:13

    For the sensitive equipment in the computer room and data center, all kinds of pollution sources are indeed a non-negligible existence. This potential hazard not only causes damage to the equipment, it can also have some catastrophic consequences. So, a clean environment is especially important for computer rooms and data centers. As a core part of the computer room environment support system, the...

  • False Floor (Raised Access Floor) Definition, Structure, Benefits, Application & All Information
    2019/9/7 18:24:23

    You must have seen false floor in many office buildings, in this guide, AccessFloorStore.Com will going to give you detailed professional explanations about the false flooring system in different aspects.What is False Flooring? Why we use false floor? What are the components of raised floor? What are the types of Raised Flooring? Where we can use raised floor? What are the advantages & disadva...

  • Clean Room Raised Floor System Installation | How To Install Access Floor In Clean Room?
    2019/9/6 20:23:05

    Clean room is a controlled environment that has a low level of pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles, and chemical vapors, widely applied in the pharmaceutical, vaccine, biotechnology, medical device, nanotechnology and semiconductor industries. Therefore, as an important part of the clean room, the clean room floor is not only highly anti-fouling and easy to clean, but als...

  • Raised Access Floor Grounding Requirements, Solutions, Maintenance for Data Center and Computer Room
    2019/9/5 23:49:32

    The anti-static technology of the computer room is part of the security and protection of the computer room. The problem caused by static electricity is not only difficult for hardware personnel to detect, but sometimes it also makes the staff mistakenly think that it is a software failure, which causes work confusion. In addition, static electricity is discharged to a computer or other device thr...

  • 4 Kinds of Tate Access Floor Pedestals-ACCESS FLOOR STORE
    2019/9/2 22:14:40

    Tate inc provides understructure options for bolted stringer, free standing and PosiLock / Cornerlock. What is the differences of these Four understructure systems?Bolted Stringer Understructure SystemBolted stringer is generally used in server rooms and data centers. Tate's Bolted Stringer System provides lateral resistance to heavy rolling loads & seismic loadingThe Pos...

  • Tate access floor products introduction-Tate Concore& How to install Tate Floor-ACCESS FLOOR STORE
    2019/8/31 23:19:53

    Tate Access Floors inc is the world lead access flooring manufacturer in North America. UK's KINSPAN subsidiary cooperation, Tate access floor has the best brand recognition worldwide. Tate's Raised Floor roducts has been patent one their structure.    ConCore raised floor series  Tate ConCore raised floor series are the most popular product. The ConCo...

  • 4 Popular Clean Room Floors, Differences, Installation, and Applications & How to Select the Clean Room Access Floor
    2019/8/28 10:29:21

    With science and technology advances, the clean room, also called dust free workshop, has become an indispensable working area for electronics factory, medical, food, and other industries. The selection of clean room floors is based on product construction technique, installation and more factors. Now, brings you four common clean room floor panels with the difference, install...

  • The Differences Between Anti-Static Raised Floor and OA Network Floor | Huiya Raised Access Floor System
    2019/8/27 18:27:49

    Whether it is anti-static floor or OA floor, it belongs to the raised access flooring systems, and also needs to meet the installation of anti-static places. But the anti-static raised floor and the OA raised floor will be essentially different. In this article, let’s talk about the differences between these two floors by looking at their definition, benefits and performances, applications, struct...

  • Access Floor Loading Capacity, Features, Specifications - Understanding Technical Parameter/Loads In Raised Flooring System | China Access Floor Manufacturer HuiYa
    2019/8/27 16:37:48

    Before using raised floor system, in addition to consider the installation, maintenance, loading is also important. Load is the pressure that the floor can bear, it can be divided into cencentrated load, uniform load, impact load and ultimate load. Then what are the load ratings for raised floor? How load capacity for raised access floor is calculated? Here will present all ty...

  • 3 difference comparisons between Tate ConCore1000 Panel and Access Floor Store Bare Access floor Panel
    2019/8/22 0:00:07

    3 difference comparisons between Tate ConCore1000 Panel and Access Floor Store Bare Access floor Panel  We all know Tate is the word No.1 brand all over the world, now we analysis Tate ConCore1000 and then we make a compare between Tate ConCore1000 and Access Floor Store Bare Access Floor Panel。  1: Panel Weight:Tate Product Weight is 7.5lbs./ft2 (weight:36.6182073 kg / m2) and Access Floo...

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