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  • Raised Access Floor (False Floor) Installation, Repair, Panel Lifting, Maintenance, Cleaning & Care Guide
    2019/8/20 20:28:01

    For the repair, installation, panel lifting, cleaning, and maintenance of raised floors, these guidelines and tips should be followed to avoid unnecessary overhead caused by improper handling. With a correspondingly gentle treatment and care, raised access floor system can remain operational for more than 20 years, even extended longer service life. Raised Floor Installation Guide & Tips ...

  • What Is Anti-Static Flooring System - Classifications, Functions & Features Of Anti-Static/Static-Dissipative Raised Floor
    2019/8/20 16:51:09

    Most people don’t know much about the anti-static floor, or even feel strange, so today will detail how many secrets you don’t know about anti-static flooring system, including the functions & features, classifications and benefits. What Is Anti-Static Access FloorAnti-static raised floor is an anti-static floor, also known as ESD/static-dissipative floor. When it is ...

  • How to install office raised access floor
    2019/8/20 6:31:31

    How to install office raised access floor  Materials and tools needed to install the office raised access floor: laser level , vertical scale, floor glue, cutting machine, goggles, angle aluminum, horizontal line.  1: We need to find the 1 meter line in project to confirm the paving height of the office raised access floor before installation . The laser level is used to ensure that the fi...

  • How to install carpet on commercial raised access floor
    2019/8/18 23:41:28

    How to install carpet on commercial raised access floor:  The commercial building needs to be installed carpet on raised access floor. How to paste carpet on the raised floor?  The materials required for installing carpet: 1: 5MM thickness carpet 2: PVC floor glue 3: Brush 4: heavy Roller  A: The installation of the raised floor is the first step. For the installation of the raised access fl...

  • How To Buy Raised Floor Systems - Huiya Access Floor Solutions To Buying & Transportation
    2019/8/14 10:59:12

    Huiya has always insisted on independent innovation and grasped the core advantages. We mainly engaged in offering raised access floor systems, which have a wide range of types and coverage. They have been widely used in electronic Communications, Aerospace, Scientific research, Buildings, Hospital, Banks, etc. The quality of raised floor products have been approved by the Qua...

  • Raised Access Floor Pedestal Price|ACCESS FLOOR CHINA
    2019/8/13 21:08:27

          Raised access floor pedestal price  For the support of the raised floor, many consumers will be curious about how much is the access floor pedestal? The pedestal is important accessories for the raised floor. In some countries, the accessories are sold expensive. For Example, A pedestal sometimes sells for $20 each in the United States. Is the pedestal so expensive?  Now w...

  • Anti-static Access Floor Selection Guide/Tips | How To Choose The Right & Best Anti-static Raised Floor System?
    2019/8/13 18:34:48

    Choosing and buying the right access floor system for your build & room can be a complex task. In addition to the selection of materials and designs, specific performance requirements may need to be considered, especially when the area is used for highly sensitive operations such as computer room or electronics assembly and clean rooms for large scale integrated circuits. There are a lot of an...

  • Raised Access Floor Selection Guide/Tips - How to Choose Right or Best Floor Tiles
    2019/8/13 12:09:58

    Now the floor is one of the must-have materials for modern home and building decoration, however, there are a variety of different floors on the market including hardwood, laminate, concrete, anti-static raised floors and more, with so many options, choosing right floors is not an easy thing. How to choose the best floor? Here brings you the raised access floor selection guide...

  • Anti-Static Access Floor Maintenance Guide - How To Clean & Maintain Raised Floor Panels For Your Applications?
    2019/8/12 17:19:20

    The installation of raised access floor needs the participation of professionals. Later maintenance also has high professional requirements, and the raised floor maintenance cost is relatively high. Therefore, properly maintain raised floor system can ave cost for the use of floor. In additoin, periodic cleaning of the floor surface and subfloor area can increase the operating efficiency and relia...

  • Access Floor System Guide, Features, Applications, Popular Brands & Manufacturers | Everything You Need To Know About Raised Access Flooring System
    2019/8/9 12:13:30

    The laying requirement of the raised floor is different from that of common floor. The laying of raised floor is carried out after indoor civil construction and renovation. Before laying access floor, other facilities such as cables, air pipes and electrical systems under the floor must be arranged and installed. Heavy equipment and facilities should be installed with base and base. The height sho...

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