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  • Ten Famous Raised Floor manufacturer in America,Europe and Asia-ACCESS FLOOR STORE
    2019/11/5 22:01:19

    Ten Famous Raised Floor manufacturer in America,Europe and Asia-ACCESS FLOOR STOREThere are many manufacturers of raised floors. They are mainly distributed in three regions around the world. European region (mainly in Italy, Germany and Spain), the Americas region (mainly in the United States) and Asia (mainly in China).Below we will show the main top ten overhead raised floor suppliers. Top...

  • All Steel HPL Raised Floor Structure, Advantages and Best Applications | Huiya Access Floor Systems
    2019/11/1 11:11:12

    In AccessFloorStore.Com, we supply and install technical steel floor filled with cement in 600mm x 600mm x 35mm tiles with adjustable pedestals. The pedestals can be of the measures that the client requires. Here you can check out the benefits and application of our all-steel HPL raised floors. ALL STEEL HPL RAISED FLOOR STRUCTUREThe HPL steel access floor system consists of a series of suppo...

  • Oman Raised access floor- Oman Across Ages Museum project
    2019/10/31 13:47:23

    Oman Across Ages Museum project is located in Nizwa. it is a cultural and educational symbol for locals and tourists. Our company provides wood-based elevated raised floor materials. with  area of 525 square meters. The museum was designed by Sultan Qaboos by government.  Cultural and social renaissance since the 1970s. There are 5 computer monitoring rooms in the Oman Across Ages Museum...

  • How Does Raised Floor Work Effectively For Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD) In Data Centers?
    2019/10/30 12:23:13

    In data centers that have elevated flooring, raised floor perforated tiles are used to distribute cold airflow, allowing cold air to enter the cooling chamber to be used by the equipment. How does the perforated airflow panel or tile work effectively for the underfloor air distribution system (UFAD) in Date Center? In this article, Huiya - Raised Floor Specialist will explain to you.Choose Air Flo...

  • Dubai Office raised flooring Projects, Suppliers, Price, and Factory
    2019/10/29 22:28:46

    Dubai Office raised flooring Projects, Suppliers, Price, and FactoryThe Dubai raised floor Project case was applied to a five-star luxury hotel for the first time. The Omniyat Hotel is located in Burj Khalifa.  Omniyat used GRC raised flooring in more than 1,500 hotel rooms and suites.   "The used of GRC raised floors are an important part of the modern hotel design." Mark...

  • What is the access floor design load?
    2019/10/28 22:47:52

    What is the access floor design load? The design load is the load that is expected to be applied to the access floor system in use. This is a manual stress test. Suppose we want to measure the load of the FS800. We estimate that the flooring product can withstand a load of 800 lbs. We applied 800 lbs of force through the machine to the raised access floor we tested. It is then compared through the...

  • 5 Design Solutions To Hide the Cables & Wires In Your Office
    2019/10/27 16:18:58

    The offices are designed to be more and more comfort and appealing to attract talent. However, digitalization and new ways of working introduce into the office building a set of electrical elements that make the office area ugly. What are the solutions to your installations in order to hide the electric cables? The Huiya design teams give you some advice.1 - How to hide electrical cables on the gr...

  • How To Build A Raised Floor Over Concrete Slab? Detailed Access Floor (False Floor) Installation Guide
    2019/10/23 19:33:56

    How to build access floors over concrete slabs? In this Access Floor Installation Guide, we will show you how to install raised floors on the concrete, covering the preparing works you should do, the elevated floor accessories and tools that you will need, along with some steps that can help to guide you. Raised floors are systems indicated for environments where there is a complex electrical...

  • Which Type of Raised Floor Panel Is The Best, Most Durable and Cost-Effective For Your Project?
    2019/10/18 14:59:07

    With the wide residential & industrial application of Raised Floors, it is especially important to choose the most suitable raised access floor for your building and workplace. Many people think more about which type of Raised Floor System is the most durable and longest when selecting the access floor. Which kind of raised access floor panel is the most wearable? Now, as a Raised Floor Specia...

  • Raised Floor Finishes - Access Floor Tile Covering Types, Performances and Applications
    2019/10/11 22:14:07

    Raised Floor System has become a must-have ground material and practical flooring solution for many buildings, not just the traditional office and data center that are most often associated with them. Huiya is committed to expanding the range of our Access Floor Systems to meet the needs of both existing and new construction markets. Our line of raised access floor finishes includes porcelain, woo...

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