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  • How to Install ESD Vinyl Flooring Correctly & How To Weld Anti-static PVC Floor Tile?
    2019/12/29 22:31:13

    Anti-static PVC flooring is widely used in hospitals, computer rooms, and data centers due to its practicality and static conductivity. But if you want to effectively play the antistatic performance of ESD Vinyl Flooring Tiles, you must follow the correct way to install vinyl tiles. So how to install anti-static PVC floor properly?ESD Vinyl Flooring Tile (Anti-Static PVC Tile) Installation Guide &...

  • Why PVC Floor Tiles (Vinyl Floor Tiles) Is The Best Choice For Hospital Flooring?
    2019/12/25 23:52:29

    In recent years, you will find that the hospital floor is no longer a concrete or tiled floor, but a colorful and layered PVC floor. Why do hospitals now use PVC flooring? Why Vinyl Floor Tiles has been the ideal choice for hospital flooring solution? As one of the leading PVC flooring suppliers in China, AccessFloorStore.Com introduces the benefits of using Vinyl PVC Flooring Tile in hospitals!Wh...

  • Raised Access Floor Fire Rating - Fire-Resistant of Raised Floor Tiles and Finishes In Different Materials
    2019/12/23 16:22:56

    When setting the raised floor system for your project like office, computer room, clean room or data center, antistatic and fire prevention are the most important factors need to be counted. Raised access floor not only provides ideal solutions for cable management, airflow distributor, cooling efficiency, and anti-static grounding, which also are very conducive to the fire protection in the appli...

  • Best Office Flooring Solutions - Choose Right Office Floors For Comfortable and Efficient Working
    2019/12/21 0:37:09

    An office is a place where you can focus on creating benefits. The proper choice of office flooring can really improve the comfort of employees' working environment, encourage them to become efficient and happy, and even create a positive environment for customers and guests. Therefore, in the office decoration design, the choice of flooring is particularly important. Not only should the choic...

  • what is raised floor systems?
    2019/12/17 21:37:24

    What is the raised floor system?Raised Floor systems, is also called access floor systems or elevated floor systems. it is made with an elevated structure that is placed on a reinforced concrete slab.The raised floor system consists of several panels, As shown in Figure-1, it is a corner lock structure. The raised floor panels are installed on vertically adjustable pedestals.  by using screws...

  • Raised Floor Types In Structures - Differences Between Panel Floor vs Hollow Floors
    2019/12/15 20:40:39

    In the previous article, we divided the raised floor into different types according to the materials, but in fact, according to the structural difference, we can classify the traditional raised floors into panel floors and hollow floors.Raised Access Floor - Panel Floor StructureA panel floor is composed of slabs supported by cylinders and/or profiles adjustable in height or not. The tiles general...

  • Tianjin Chow Tai Fook Financial Center office raised floor project
    2019/12/14 23:05:21

    Tianjin Chow Tai Fook Financial Center is a new landmark building in Binhai New Area. The main building of Chow Tai Fook Financial Center is 530 meters high. The Chow Tai Fook Financial Center enjoys a reputation of "Diamond of the North". This project contains 25 floors, each floor of which is 1,700 square meters. A total of 42500 square meters of office raised floor construction. This ...

  • Difference Between Anti-static Raised Floor With Edge Trim & No Edge Banding
    2019/12/8 22:25:00

    All-steel anti-static floor is a kind of raised floor with high wear-resistant HPL anti-static finishes, divided into edge banded and no edge banded, and they are widely used in computer room raised access floor systems. Each of these two all-steel anti-static access floors has its own characteristics and advantages. Anti-static Raised Floor with edge trim or no edge banding, which one you should ...

  • Advantages of Raised Floor Edge Trim (Access Floor Panel Conductive Edge Banding)
    2019/12/7 13:43:44

    Many raised access floor tiles have a black or brown edge band on the four sides, especially anti-static raised floors. Why the edge trim is individually banded on access floor panel, and what is its special function? Follow us to check out the advantages of Raised Floor Panels with edge banding!What is Raised Floor Edge Trim?Despite there are edgeless raised access floor tiles, many raised floor ...

  • Office Raised Floor Ping An International Finance Center
    2019/12/6 23:21:43

    Shenzhen is a place where trade and finance are concentrated. Ping An International Finance Center is one of the landmark buildings in Shenzhen. The total height of this building 592.5 meters. Interior Office decoration used raised floor systems. we successfully take part in the project (33 floors in total).  each floor is 1700 square meters.  and a total of 56,100 square meters in Shenz...

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