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  • How To Fix Loose or Curling Self-Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tiles (Peel and Stick PVC Floor Tiles)?
    2020/6/22 19:04:47

    The adhesive on the back of peel and stick flooring is usually very good. But sometimes you get some stubborn self-adhesive, peel-and-stick tiles loosening and curling up at the edges at some point months after installation. How to glue down curling edges of self stick vinyl floor plank? How to fix self adhesive vinyl floor tiles on plywood/concrete/ceramic when they become loose? Here we're s...

  • Epoxy Flooring vs. Industrial Vinyl Flooring: Which Is The Better For Factory Floor (Production Workshop)?
    2020/6/20 16:50:38

    Choose traditional epoxy flooring or new industrial vinyl flooring for your workshop? In this article, we will discuss the main problem of floors in workshops and compare the application of epoxy flooring and vinyl floor in the factory floor.Choose The Right Workshop Flooring For Your Company FactoryDifferent requirements for material, quality, loads from transport vehicles and products, as well a...

  • Restaurant Kitchen Flooring Solutions: What Are The Best Floor For Commercial Kitchens?
    2020/6/20 10:42:07

    There are many pavements on the market for private residential kitchen floors. Choosing one or the other depends on our house and our lifestyle, without forgetting the aesthetics, comfort and, above all, the functionality and benefits it provides. From AccessFloorStore.Com, we present the different types of existing kitchen floor solutions, as well as the best option to install in restaurant kitch...

  • How To Properly Apply (Install) Self Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tiles (Peel and Stick PVC Tiles) On Concrete?
    2020/6/17 19:45:44

    Concrete flooring is usually not a very attractive surface. One fast and easy way to spice it up is to install self-adhesive vinyl tile (peel and stick PVC tiles) on top. Cement is a fine subfloor surface for peel and stick vinyl, as long as it is flat and smooth. Check out this guide to get to know how to properly apply self-adhesive vinyl planks to concrete slab!How To Install Peel & Stick P...

  • How To Prepare Concrete Floor For Self Adhesive Vinyl Tiles (Peel and Stick PVC Floor Tiles)?
    2020/6/17 19:09:31

    In our previous guide, you already knew that installing self-adhesive vinyl flooring on concrete floor is very simple, but the premise is that you need to prepare the concrete floor as well as possible before installing it to ensure the most effective and successful application results - hassle-free use for many years. So here we give you a useful guide on how to prep concrete floor basement for i...

  • Are Ceramic/Porcelain Tiles Suitable For Data Center Flooring System?
    2020/6/16 13:07:50

    As everyone knows, its resistance, versatility, and easy maintenance properties make ceramic tiles an ideal option to be used in interior design, giving an elegant look to any corner of the private and commercial premises. Ceramic and Porcelain tile is almost the most popular floor material, so is it suitable for data centers with special requirements on the environment? Here we are goin...

  • Commercial Flooring Solutions - Best Ideal Floor Types For Business Premises (Commercial Spaces)
    2020/6/13 18:11:01

    Are you an entrepreneur, business person or architect, and have no idea what type of flooring you should choose for your business premises? Find out what types of flooring are ideal for commercial spaces.Best Commercial Space Floor SolutionsHomogeneous ESD Vinyl Floor Sheets/TilesThis material is made of one or more layers of PVC. It is the vinyl itself that determines the finish, not a printed fi...

  • Suitable Subfloors for Self Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tiles/Planks: Best Surface To Install Peel & Stick Vinyl Floor
    2020/6/12 19:59:17

    Successful application of Peel and Stick Vinyl Floor Tiles requires an underlayment that is perfectly smooth and clean; grainy, wet, or dusty floors may not allow the self-adhesive vinyl tiles to stick properly. Depending on what conditions you have, the question of the suitable sub-floor surface for laying Self Adhesive Vinyl (PVC) Floor Tiles is particularly important.Prepare Suitable Subfloor F...

  • How To Remove Self-Adhesive Vinyl Floor Planks (Peel and Stick PVC Tiles)?
    2020/6/11 11:34:07

    Tired of your self-adhesive vinyl floor plank or your peel and stick PVC floor covering shows signs of damage over time? Perhaps you are thinking of changing this type of floor that you have in any of the rooms. Then you do not have to commission a specialist, but can also remove the peel & stick vinyl floor yourself. It is only important to carry out this preparatory work precisely and consci...

  • Why Should Use Non-Slip Flooring In Workspace? Huiya Anti-Slip Raised Floor & Vinyl Floor Benefits Your Business
    2020/6/5 16:46:28

    All of us at some point have been the victim of falls caused by slippery surfaces and all of them can be avoided with the non-slip floor. As its name implies, anti-slip floor covering the one that reduces the slipperiness of the floors, reducing the probability of accidents caused by falls. In this article, we will learn the importance of anti-Slip flooring and why you need Huiya non-slip raised f...

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