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  • Best Methods To Do Perfect Cable Management For Your Office, Data Center and Workplaces
    2019/10/8 16:59:28

    Modern communication technology has become an integral part of today's office equipment. From the PC to the laptop, from the monitor to the printer, from the office lamp to the shredder - without power-driven devices, working at the office is inconceivable. With all these things, there are hardly any differences between commercial jobs and those in the home office or in the private sector.But ...

  • ACCESS FLOOR-Xtreme Works Inc Data Center Solutions-ACCESS FLOOR STORE
    2019/10/7 20:14:46

    ACCESSFLOORSTORE (HUIYA) has a project partner: Xtreme Works Inc. Xtreme Works Inc is the complete solution provider for the data center. The cooperation project covers an area of 1,450 square meters of raised access floor. The access flooring specification is 610mm x 610mm. This project uses the FS1500 CISCA standard. The access floor up  cold-rolled steel plate  thickness is 1.0mm and ...

  • FDC2 data center raised access floor in Hong Kong-ACCESS FLOOR STORE
    2019/10/5 21:51:11

    FDC2 data center project is handled by ATAL Engineering Group. its internal infrastructure includes anti-static raised access floor, wall-board panel, ceiling, and data cabinet. ACCESSFLOORSTORE(HUIYA) is the top ten professional producers of China's raised access floor.We has long-term partners in Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia and the United States. Raised floors are used extensively...

  • International Business Tower Raised Floor Project in Dubai
    2019/9/30 23:03:43

    International Business Tower Raised Floor Project in Dubai.ACCESSFLOORSTORE(HUIYA) is one of the leading raised floor manufacturer in China. We follow the Tate access floor quality (CISCA standard). and we made all steel raised floor and Calcium Sulphate raised floor . This Project case is International Business Tower in Dubai.International Business Tower is located in Al Amal St - Dubai - United ...

  • What are the key components of the ACCESSFLOORSTORE elevated raised access floor system?
    2019/9/27 0:07:46

    What are the key components of the ACCESSFLOORSTORE elevated raised access floor system?The key components of the elevated raised access floor system can be defined as follows:A: Access Floor PanelsThis is the horizontal load-bearing component of the raised floor. Commonly the size of access floor is used as 600 x 600mm. (industry standard module size), but we also have 500x500mm or 610x610mm. Esp...

  • Access Floor systems Installation Tutorial in Data Center
    2019/9/25 22:10:03

    Access floor installation is a guidebook in Data Center decorations. Data Center and Computer Rooms need a flexiable floor layout on the ground. The anti-static access raised floor has more advantages in its functions. overhead performance,high load-bearing function and bottom air supply systems are most important.The installation of the data room need prepared before installing. we let us first l...

  • ACCESSFLOORSTORE future raised access floor green commitment
    2019/9/23 22:06:43

    ACCESSFLOORSTORE is an important strategic brand of the Huiya’s manufacturer. global export trade and cooperation would be a necessory in international business. Factory is active to make green protection measures. we developed a new woodcore access floor and Aluminum Access Floor. Technological innovation with low product waste rate and waste is also reused.The production of industrial pr...

  • Huiya Can Be The Best Raised Floor Supplier For ATAL Engineering Group's Data Center Projects
    2019/9/21 0:38:48

    ATAL Engineering Group is a leading leading electrical and mechanical engineering group in Hong Kong. Its services spreads all over China and the world, providing cross-professional and comprehensive electromechanical engineering and technical services to various industries, including design, installation, operation and maintenance of special E&M infrastructure systems for data centres. As the...

  • Raised Floor Loading Capacity & Weight Rating | How Much Weight Can A Raised Access Floor Support?
    2019/9/17 19:27:08

    How much weight can a raised floor hold? How to calculate raised access flooring system loading capacity? How much weight capacity required for different applications of raised access floor? Regard to the weight capacity and load rating of the raised floor, AccessFloorStore.Com will give you the most detailed and in-depth explanation with years of access floor manufacturing experience.Raised Floor...

  • Required Height of Raised Floor Systems for Data Center, Server Room, Computer Room
    2019/9/15 22:56:20

    When designing standardized, scalable modular spaces for IT and communications equipment such as data center, server room, or computer room, more consideration should be given to racking location and power supply, communications, and air cooling. Standard models based on head-to-tail, rack-relative cooling mechanisms have been developed by TIA942, ASHRAE, and other authoritative standards.The cold...

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