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  • How To Repair & Replace Raised Access Floor Pedestals?
    2020/5/31 23:52:24

    Is your raised floor support pedestal bent or damaged? This is dangerous, please go to repair now! Follow us to learn how to properly repair or replace the pedestal of the raised access floor!How To Replace Raised Floor Pedestal & Repair Access Floor Support System?Raised floor pedestal is an important accessory to support the raised floor system, and is the key to forming the space under the ...

  • Dust Controlling & Cleaning Guide For Data Center, Server Rooms and IT Buildings
    2020/5/30 20:43:38

    The regular air circulation in server rooms and data centers pollutes the hardware with dust. Therefore, regular interior equipment (server cabinets, machines, lamps) and raised floor cleaning (electrostatically conductive panels, antistatic coverings, and underfloor space) in IT buildings should be carried out to ensure the availability of the devices. How can dust be removed and cleaned in serve...

  • Raised Floor Cleaning Guide - Removing Dust For Underfloor Space & Cleaning Access Floor Panels
    2020/5/30 16:50:11

    Regular cleaning of the raised floor is not only a question of hygiene, but it is also an important contribution to maintaining value. The cleaning of the raised floor is not only limited to the maintenance of the access floor panel, but the cleaning of the underfloor space is also a necessary measure to keep the entire system running lastingly and efficiently. In today's post, follow us to ge...

  • Carpet Could Be A Ideal Covering For Office Raised Access Floor | Office Flooring Ideas
    2020/5/30 9:28:47

    The great advantage of carpets is that it provides acoustic comfort and for this reason, they are widely used in offices, especially for the office raised floor system. It is still common for people to have a certain negative image of carpets, as in the past the product was of lower quality and did not attribute as many technologies as it currently does. Nowadays, we find carpets with nylon thread...

  • Basement Floor Design Ideas - Choose The Best Flooring Solutions For Your Basement
    2020/5/29 15:21:14

    Basements are often one of the first areas in which most homeowners consider using as an additional space, especially if the ceilings are high. Before you start remodeling your basement, consider the functions it will perform. For example, if you want it to serve as an office you will need matching cabling and furniture. If you want it as a playroom for children, it will have to be a cozy, comfort...

  • How To Cut Vinyl Flooring Tiles/Sheets/Planks | Best Ways For PVC Floor Cutting Edges & Corners
    2020/5/28 19:33:35

    Not only these benefits of durable, affordable, practical and hygienic make vinyl flooring so attractive for private residence, commercial and industrial premises, but also the quick and uncomplicated laying of the vinyl sheets can be seen as a great advantage of the PVC flooring. But once you reach the edge of the base of the wall or the furniture cut, in order for it to be optimally adapted to t...

  • How To Shine (Polish) Vinyl Floor | Easy, Fast and Efficient PVC Flooring Restore Shine Methods
    2020/5/28 13:17:29

    Vinyl flooring is inexpensive and very practical because they can be washed easily. But in the long run, the transit of dirty stains and abrasive detergents, the original shine of these PVC floors begins to diminish and gloomy. Fortunately, you can restore shine of the Vinyl Flooring with some practical and simple restoration tips. Now follow us to find out how to get shine and glossy back on viny...

  • How To Repair Sunken or Sloped Raised Access Floor?
    2020/5/26 18:40:12

    If your raised floor is sagging or sloping, either you have bought poor quality raised floor panels and accessories, or some failures and bugs that happened to your access floor system. In the former case, for safety and efficiency, you have to prepare a budget for a better alternative; while for the latter, you may only need some right tools and materials to fix the sunken raised floor by yoursel...

  • How To Cold & Heat Welding PVC (Vinyl) Flooring | Vinyl Floor Seam Seal Guide
    2020/5/26 10:15:34

    Vinyl Sheet floors and PVC floor tiles offer great advantages in residential, commercial or public use applications such as clinics, hospitals, schools, medical and electronic industries, they are easy to install, easy to maintain, they allow creating a waterproof layer that prevents the growth of batteries and the transfer of humidity, in order to retain all of vinyl floor’s mechanical characteri...

  • How To Replace (Renovate) A Raised Access Floor Panel?
    2020/5/24 23:59:18

    Although the quality-assured raised floor has a durable and considerable service life, under many years of continuous pressure or accidents, the raised floor system may experience damage, no matter in office, data center or cleanroom. Therefore, you need to replace damaged or missing raised floor tiles in time to ensure the normal use of the entire system.As we all know, whether the raised floor i...

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