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  • Vinyl Flooring Wear Layer (Abrasion Resistance) Types - What Is Wear Layer of PVC Floor?
    2020/1/30 0:08:56

    The service life of PVC is mainly determined by the thickness of the wear layer (and the density of the wear layer is also important). What is the wear layer of vinyl flooring? Which type of top coating wear layer you should choose for PVC floor? Check out the guide of Vinyl Flooring Wear Layer (Abrasion Resistance).What Is The Wear Layer Of Vinyl (PVC) Floor?The top layer of most vinyl floor...

  • Vinyl Flooring Types: What Types of PVC Floors Are There and How Do They Differ?
    2020/1/29 20:03:26

    Vinyl floors are becoming more and more popular and so the offer has grown in recent years. No wonder, since it combines many positive properties: vinyl floors are practical, water-and stain-resistant, versatile, easy to care, good price-performance ratio and provides good durability for the cost for, therefore ideal for all living spaces, commercial areas and even industrial sites. You can find o...

  • What is ESD Raised Flooring
    2020/1/28 13:30:35

    ESD FLOORINGESD Flooring is significanet in is widely used in Hosipital、cleaning rooms and electrity contol rooms. why we need ESD Flooring? let us introduce ESD Flooring.What does ESD stand for?In the most basic of terms, ESD stands for "Electrostatic Discharge". These kinds of floors exist because walking on the floor and transferring static to another person can be quite a...

    2020/1/19 1:03:18

    A DETAILED GUIDE ON RAISED FLOOR SYSTEMSA raised floor also referred to as an access floor is usually constructed above a flat solid floor creating a void between both floors. The void is meant to provide a way for distributing construction materials and services including electricity supply to the entire parts of the building, water supply and drainage, heating, ventilation and air conditioning s...

  • Raised Floor Airflow Temperature Controlled Unit (Underfloor VAV Damper & EC Fan) Improve Efficiency Significantly
    2020/1/16 14:54:20

    With mandatory air cooling via raised floors, the current requirements for low operating costs, high flexibility and redundancy can be met with a proven airflow system when air conditioning data centers. In most cases, however, the air exits the raised floor in an unregulated manner. Raised floor system controlled by floor temperature sensors with variable opening degrees is an important component...

  • Outdoor Raised Floor and Outdoor Raised Floor Pedestal
    2020/1/13 23:34:59

    Outdoor Raised Floor and Outdoor Raised Floor PedestalRaised outdoor floors have been designed for laying out entire flexible flooring while paving out outdoor areas where typically most homeowners make use of conventional flooring solutions. Raised floors are common ways for cooling buildings through empty spaces beneath raised floors and it acts as a plenum chamber for dispensing conditioned air...

  • The advantages to use raised floor in house
    2020/1/13 20:45:06

    The advantages to use raised floor in houseRaiased Floor IntroductionIn the 1960s and 70s, elevated access floors came to prominence as a way of servicing IBM computers that were being increasingly installed in office environments. The BBC also used such floors to distribute services to offices and studios around it. In many ways, little has changed since the 1980s, though what is likely to be fou...

  • Can Raised Floor Used In Toilet?
    2020/1/12 7:51:50

    What is Raised Floor?Before everything became high-tech and wireless, there was a time, if you finished your attic, you would choose a drop ceiling to hide your wires. That way you can hook up your entertainment system without unwanted wires running down your wall and when you need to fix your setup, you simply tiled the ceiling, did what you needed, and then replaced. While today's moder...

  • Why is data center raised flooring significant?
    2020/1/11 19:49:08

    Why is data center raised flooring significant?Raised floors system is more beneficial compared to other designs such as suspended ceilings, skirting and trunking. Most computer rooms and data centers are configured with this type of flooring system because of the benefits that we shall see later. I know you might be asking yourself what is this raised floor that we are talking about right? Well, ...

  • The Perfect Match for Modular Carpet Tiles and Office Raised Access Floor Solutions
    2020/1/10 15:37:49

    Modular carpet tiles or plate area rugs are the ideal complement for the solution of raised floors in corporate environments, especially they are the best ally for office raised floor systems. The modular carpet tiles are a great choice for any office, corporate building or commercial branch that carries high traffic of people such as airports, bank branches, and all kinds of offices that req...

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